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Technique: Simple Holiday Garnish

Written by Donna Marie Desfor, Culinary Consultant and Chef | Dec 12, 2011 9:59 PM

Last year I wowed everyone at my holiday table by making a simple garnish out of a parsley sprig and some pomegranate seeds.  A light sprinkling of powdered sugar on the parsley, and instantly, an “edible” holly garnish.  

simple garnish.witf

Making any meal look festive can be that simple, and this year, I'm adding a few new styles to my platings.  All you need is some greens (I think parsley or rosemary sprigs, or even boxwood sprigs from the garden work beautifully), something red (think pomegranate seeds, cranberries (dried or fresh), or even dried cherries), and some powdered (confectioners’ or 10x) sugar sifted with a tea strainer (or a small sifter), and instantly your plates, platters, and buffets come alive with a festive look.  To punch up my grapes for my cheese and nut board I just added some fresh parsley sprigs at the stem, and lightly dusted with confectioners' sugar!

Just be sure if you’re using garden herbs or clippings, make sure that they’re washed and clean and safe if someone should try and eat them!

simple rosemary garnish.witfA rosemary snow-covered "evergreen sprig" needs a little help in getting the sugar to adhere.  Use 2 egg whites and whisk in a shallow bowl until frothy.  Dowse the sprig into the egg whites and make sure all the leaves are wet, then dredge through sanding sugar (regular sugar works fine too).  Set aside on a waxed paper lined plate to dry.  Use the same procedure for cranberries.  When dried, arrange the “sprigs and berries” on your plates and platters.

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