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Food Wednesdays: To keep your Thanksgiving simple…

Written by Donna Marie Desfor, Culinary Consultant and Chef | Nov 23, 2011 4:35 AM

The time is arrived and we’re all abuzz.  The holidays are about to kick off, but first we have one super huge celebratory meal to enjoy.  When it comes to getting the job done there are a few places worth spending some time, and believe it or not, the internet is one of them!  With an abundance of video how-to’s available these days, it’s no longer a question of what to look at, but rather, how to weed through all the bad and view only the best.  Well, worry no.  We’ve done that for you.  I’ve selected the video section at this year as the one-stop site to take you from soup to nuts and everything in between.  Their no-frills approach shows you how to get the job done and done right, right out of the gate.  So, whether you’re a seasoned Thanksgiving veteran or you’re facing this daunting meal for the first time, you’re just a few clicks (and a few views away) from perfecting your meal.

Follow this link to’s Video tab.

From there, select where you need assistance:  Technique, breads, or pies.  But for the most comprehensive collection for Thanksgiving, click on Meat and Poultry for everything you need from brining or butter roasting your bird, to stuff, to carving.  It’s all there just waiting for you to click and view.

And, if you’re really stuck and in need of some assistance on Thanksgiving Day, check out my blog post Thanksgiving 9-1-1 that I did for our friends at The Spice and Tea Exchange, for everything you need to fix mistakes, handles mishaps, and improve flavor when things just don’t seem right.

From all of us at, have a happy healthy and, above all else, a super-delicious Thanksgiving day.

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