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Chef's Tips and Tricks: Spooky Rims for Drinking Glasses

Written by Donna Marie Desfor, Culinary Consultant and Chef | Oct 17, 2011 4:35 PM

This is a terrific little technique to add a little trick to your dinner time treats!  Drinking glasses rimmed with colored corn syrup or honey add an eery spookiness to your beverage service.  A little trick that is all treat!

Recipe:  Spooky Halloween Rims for drinking glasses
Makes enough goo to rim about 1 dozen glasses 

½ cup light corn syrup (or substitute honey)
12 drops food coloring (choose color or colors to suit your goo mood)

Chill tumblers, wine goblets, or cocktail glasses in the refrigerator.  In a shallow bowl or pan combine the corn syrup and food coloring and whisk to combine until desired color is achieved.  When ready to serve beverages, remove the glasses from the refrigerator and dip the rims into the corn syrup mixture.  Turn upright and set on a waxed-paper lined sheet pan.  As rims begin to ooze down the sides, fill with desired beverage and serve immediately.

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