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Written by Jon P. Shank, Community blogger | Apr 22, 2012 3:25 PM

Hodgepodge. Potpourri. Olla podrida.

These shall be the subject of this blog. The focus, as the subtitle suggests, shall be on matters of education, politics and the arts, which, in themselves, offer no more specific description than hodgepodge.

First, introductions seem in order. I am a 30-something English teacher. Seems fairly bland, I know. However, teaching is never a dull business. I have taught for 9 years in several schools, both urban and rural. I have watched with pride as students went on to college and read with regret about students who went off to jail. I have attended graduation parties and funeral services. I have received thank you notes and hate mail. These experiences, overall, have left me both passionate and dissatisfied with the public education system in this country. At the same time, it has cemented my belief that only public education can save this country. A bit of a dichotomy, I know, but never the less true.

Nine years has also taught me that public education is by no means just what occurs in the classroom. The winds of politics, community and the personal buffet the seas of learning constantly, leaving all of us in the wake and wash of that turbulence. Unless one realizes the waves flow not from one source, but a plethora, the whole picture remains a blurry mess. Through this blog, I hope in some way to bring that larger picture into focus. Even my digressional forays into unrelated topics will still be attempts at sharpening that image.

Anyway, that's a brief statement in way of an introduction. . I look forward to this journey of words and ideas we'll be taking together. I invite you all to offer suggestions, questions and ideas for topics and future blog entries. My first real post will be an interview with educator and author Adam Leonard. Until then, be well, and I'll see you in the wake.

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