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Hiking The Trail Virtually

Written by Jim Foster, Community blogger | Apr 27, 2012 4:20 PM

Of course, the best way to experience any trail is to actually get on it and hike it or bike it.  But, one of the great things about the present internet age is that we now have some new ways to experience trails.

Here are a few ways that I've found recently to experience the trail if you are stuck inside or at your desk at work (no, I won't tell the boss!!).

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) is one of the largest and best of the 31 clubs that maintain the Appalachian Trail.  PATC has a huge section of the AT, extending from central Virginia through Maryland into Pennsylvania, ending at the border of Pine Grove Furnace State Park.  They have extensive historical information on the early days of the A.T.  Recently PATC put together a video of early days on the Appalachian Trail.  It is narrated by my good friend, past PATC President Tom Johnson.  My favorite part shows the legendary Myron Avery, the one person most responsible for getting the A.T. built in the 1930s.  Myron and his colleagues are shown whailing away with axes and grass whips in suits and ties, without any of the protective gear we insist on today. 

You can find this video on YouTube in three parts.  HERE is a link to the three videos, embedded on a page of the Appalachian Trail Museum website.

A more recent video was recently prepared by Dan Hooven, a local trail enthusiast.  It shows the entire A.T. in Pennsylvania, from Penn Mar to Delaware Water Gap.

HERE is a link to part 1 of Dan's video on YouTube.

HERE is a link to part 2.

Happy virtual hiking.  Here's hoping the virtual experience will prompt you to sample the real thing soon!!

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