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Written by Jim Foster, Community blogger | Apr 20, 2012 8:27 PM

Hello.  I have agreed to write a blog for WITF.  It will primarily be on hiking and trail matters in Central PA.  Occasionally, I will talk about hikes and treks in other parts of this great country and elsewhere.

I have loved the outdoors all of my life.  I didn’t get a serious case of the hiking bug until about seven yeara ago.  I joined a couple of local trail organizations and got involved in group hikes and trail maintaining.  In 2007 I took on my first major hiking challenge, a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, which extends 2180 miles from Maine to Georgia.  I did it in just over five months, from May 25 to August 26.  I’ve done all or parts of several other trails since then.

At present, it is my honor to be Present of the Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club.  CVATC maintains 17 miles of the AT in Cumberland County, from Center Point Knob atop South Mountain to the top of Blue Mountain.

To make this blog a success, I’ll need feedback from the readers.  What sorts of hiking experiences and trails should I talk about?  Do you have a particular hiking or trail experience that you’d like to share?  Would you like to hear about other kinds of trails, such as multi-use trails, rail trails, etc.?  Please give me your comments and questions.  Thanks for reading.

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