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Neighborhood Connections

Written by Roe Braddy, Community Blogger | Sep 10, 2013 9:09 PM

I grew up in Pittsburgh in a small melting pot neighborhood where everyone knew each other and looked out for one another regardless of their differences in ethnicity, religion or economic backgrounds. My mother prided herself on her homemade bake goods.  She could always be found baking one of her famous pound cakes to welcome a new neighbor, celebrate a wedding, or mourn the passing of a loved one.  Neighbors could depend upon her showing up at their door with a cake in her hand and a willing heart that longed to make connections with the people that she lived next to.

 As a kid I never realized nor did I understand the connections that my parents had made with our neighbors and why these connections were so important to them.  Now that I am a parent and a homeowner in a small suburban neighborhood in Harrisburg I understand the importance of neighborhood connections.

The neighborhood that I live in now is an older neighborhood where up until about a year ago most of the residents were retired, including myself. Now we are getting a small group of residents who could be considered the new aged YMCWBs (Young Married Couples with babies).

I've lived in this neighborhood for close to fifteen years and in that time I've made some great neighborhood connections.  Several months ago my neighbors that lived across the street from me decided to move into a condominium.  They were beginning to find that the upkeep of owning a home was beginning to be a bit much for them.  They had been great neighbors, we looked out for each other there was a definite connection. 

When they told my husband and I that they were moving we felt a little sadden that our neigherhood connection had been disrupted. Little did we know that we would be making a new connection with the YMCWBs that moved into the house across the street, infact they were related to our previous neighbors. Keeping up with the tradition that my mother had instilled in me years ago I too crossed the street with baked goods in hand longing to make a new neighborhood connection. 

Our little neighborhood continues to be a great place to live.  Despite the hectic times that we are living in there are great neighborhoods in Harrisburg where people are making connections.    

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