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A Plethora of Friendly Folks

Written by Roe Braddy, Community Blogger | Sep 17, 2013 12:12 PM

The other day my husband took me out for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  It had been quite an enjoyable day.  We had just come back from a nice weekend at Felicita Spa.  Before getting back to the grind of another week we decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch.  There was an average crowd of people,the wait for a table was about 10 to 12 minutes.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to wait outside and sit a spell. 

An attractive older lady sat down in the rocking chair across from me.  She began to engage us in a conversation about a variety of topics, such as children, working etc. Keep in mind that we had never met this lady before.  The conversation was quite enjoyable. After about 10 minutes our table was called.  Upon ending our conversation we wished each other well, as I stood up from my seat she also stood and to my surprise reached over and gave me a very loving hug as well as my husband.

As we headed inside to find our table we both commented to each other about how nice it was to have met such a friendly person.  After the waitress took our order we noticed some very good friends of ours, they came over to our table and engaged us in a few minutes of conversation, before they left we all gave each other a hug.  As we sat and talked waiting for our meal several other people that we knew also stopped by and engaged us in a short conversation and again upon their departure they also gave us hugs.

Little did we know we were being observed.  As we sat enjoying our meal  another complete stranger unexpectedly dropped by our table.  She said that she noticed all the people that were stopping by and giving us hugs.  She asked if we were pastors or some other local well known community people.  We both laughed at her question.

After we left the restaurant I begin to think about the people that we encountered.  I have had the opportunity to have had similiar encounters like the one that I had that day. Most of these encounters have occurred somewhere in Harrisburg.  The one thing that they all had in common was a willingness to smile at a complete stranger.

The next time you are at the local Cracker Barrel remember a smile can buy you more than you could ever expect.   

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