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7 Present-Wrapping Vines to Inspire You

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Dec 15, 2014 11:49 AM

It’s that time of year again – snow, sleigh bells, merriment and gift-wrapping. The latter can certainly cause people to rip their hair out. It’s just another chore on a very long, seasonal to-do list. What with all the last minute gift buying, gift making, decorating, keeping everything straight on the calendar and whipping up treats, who has time to wrap? This year, don’t fret. To help carry you through, draw some inspiration from the gift-wrapping Vines below (you’ll see that your agony is shared or you’ll walk away with some creative ideas. Regardless, you’ll want to see these:

1. Insta Wrapping Paper

Ilya Bryzgalov

Need a little holiday magic to get all your wrapping done? With insta wrapping paper, you’ll never have to wrap a gift ever again! Results may vary.

2. The Process

Mackenzie Mitchell

Keep your gift-wrapping simple, as Mackenzie Mitchell demonstrates here. While the gift ultimately appears crisp and classy, it only requires stuffing a box with confetti. No paper, no tape, no hassle. It’s just a box, a lid, some confetti and the gift. That’s it, folks. That’s the process.

3. Wrapping Paper Galore

Katie Zarlengo

Do you have all the materials you need? If you are determined to impress others with your wrapping, it’s time to get creative. Stock up on materials earlier in the year (or the week after Christmas, if possible) when there are mega sales and discounts. Then, come next holiday season, your wrapping supplies will be abundant and filled with potential.

4. The Best Way to Wrap Christmas Presents

Sammi Tracy

Stuck in a wrapping funk? Join the club. It can be daunting to work through mountains of gifts – many of which are too big or too oddly shaped to be handled with traditional wrapping methods. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration at the bottom of your wine glass? Seems to work for some people!

5. Awesome DIY Wrapping Paper


No wrapping paper in the house? Down to a time crunch? Love being creative? Lux_eros demonstrates how to effectively create your own funky and memorable wrapping paper. No longer do you need to settle for Santa, snowmen or snowflakes. This year, your paper’s appearance is in your hands. Start with some white paper, or any other color you have lying around, grab your Sharpie and get sketching!

6. Glitter: A Gift-Wrapping Essential

Kelly Bolton

Glitter anyone? As you can see, glitter alone can really dress up plain recycled brown paper – without sacrificing the environmental benefits of using recycled wrapping paper. Your friends and family will love your effort – and so will Mother Earth!

7. A Gift-Wrapping Prank

Rachel Oswald

Gift-wrapping can be tedious, so it helps to find a little token of humor to carry you through the process. This woman, for instance, buries a gift card at the bottom of multiple boxes, bags and tissue paper layers. Will that keep you trucking along? Give it a try. (Just make sure the recipient has a good sense of humor, too!)

Happy wrapping, everyone!

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