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14 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Pizza

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Aug 18, 2014 8:16 AM

Do you ever feel like you're in the movie Groundhog Day? It seems that your days are either blurring together or you've unknowingly fallen into a that has become extremely mundane. It seems that every time you turn around, you're ordering a pizza. Why? It's quick and easy. Plus, you don't have to do any of the work. Paper plate night yet again!


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Okay, so it's really not that easy. While the convenience of ordering pizza is a small luxury, you tire of the boring cheese or pepperoni slices that enter your mouth without even taking a second glance or reveling in its flavor, and to be honest, your wallet is really working hard fronting the cost of home delivery and tips.

So, why not have the convenience of takeout pizza, while also adding a little spark back into your taste buds. There are so many excellent recipes to help you get started by making your own homemade pizza crust. Or, if you're not that ambitious, your local grocery store will have premade crusts for your wildest pizza endeavors. If you're feeling a little uninspired, look to some of these recipes below to add some pizzazz and bring life back into your plain old pizza.

1. Bring on the Bacon


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First of all, who can go wrong with bacon? It's more than a breakfast food. Now, it's in liquors and yes, even chocolate. Plus, it's a yummy pizza topping!

Bacon and Egg Pizza

Craving breakfast? Look no further than a savory Bacon and Egg Pizza. Just like the classic breakfast sandwich, this culinary stroke of genius fuses your favorite style of eggs with some cheese and bacon. Why limit your bacon to breakfast?

Cheesy Bacon and Broccoli Pizza

Need I say more? Curb your bacon craving with a Cheesy Bacon and Broccoli Pizza. Don't worry, the broccoli will off-seat the calories of the bacon. Who am I kidding? Indulge!

2. Salsa Your Way to the Southwest


Photo by Rick Gutleber

Think outside the box on this pizza topping and choose how hot you'd like it. Are you feeling tame, mild or really spicy today?

Tex-Mex Pizza

Enjoy the sensational fusion of caramelized onions and fresh avocados with this lovely Tex-Mex Pizza recipe. Garnish with some fresh salsa to the temperature of your liking and you've got a creation that will get your guests to scream "ye-haw!"

Taco Pizza

Instead of serving up on a bed of lettuce, make a homemade pizza crust and decorate your dough with all the flavors south of the boarder. The Taco Pizza is such an easy creation and is up to your imagination. Throw whatever ingredients you enjoy on your tacos like salsa, sour cream, olives, ground beef, etc.

3. Sizzle with Sausage


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Who said there was only one type of sausage is clearly mistaken!

Chorizo, Manchego and Red Onion Pizza

Try the Chorizo, Manchego and Red Onion Pizza for a little taste of Spain. If you enjoy a mild heat, this is the perfect dish for you. Just make sure you pack a breath mint to accompany those onions!

Sausage and Olive Pizza with Capers and Pecorino Sardo

Get into the Greek and enjoy the wonderful flavor of olives with the Sausage and Olive Pizza with Capers and Pecorino Sardo. The full-bodied capers and olives will bring just enough of that salty flavor to make you beg for more. Enjoy the taste of sophistication without the extra cost.

4. Crave Cheesy Creations


Photo by Nathanael Coyne

Cheese? Yes please!

Classic Four Cheese Pizza

You can't go wrong with this fool-proof Classic Four Cheese Pizza. Incorporate cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan or really any cheese you enjoy. Be sure to top it off with some lovely oregano to add a little spice to the cheese.

Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

Get a little adventurous with the Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza. You can even purchase different flavored sun-dried tomatoes and dress your pizza up accordingly. Go from a little heat to a lot with the dry rubs on the tomatoes.

5. Be a Little Fruity


Photo by Jenn Vargas

Remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Apple Cheddar Pizza

It's a known fact that apples and cheese are an excellent pairing. Feel like royalty with the Apple Cheddar Pizza. Add some bacon to create a well-rounded pizza to enjoy. Feel free to caramelize some onions as well to enjoy a more exotic pizza.

Traditional Hawaiian Pizza

Aloha! Taste the islands with this staple Hawaiian Pizza recipe. Fry up some ham and place fresh-sliced or grilled pineapple on top. What a smoldering combination.

6. "Veg-Out" on Veggies

For that vegetarian in you.

Butternut Squash Pizza

What? Yeah, I bet you had to look at this recipe twice. As unique as it sounds the Butternut Squash Pizza is a sweet delight that is easy to make. You can purchase precut butternut squash and cook very easily.

Spinach Ricotta Pizza

Popeye would be proud. Between the nutrients in spinach and the healthy fats and proteins in ricotta cheese, the Spinach Ricotta Pizza is a healthy creation. Conjure up a whole wheat pizza crust for an all-around health-conscious meal.

7. Dine with Desserts


Photo by Steve on Flickr

Who said that desserts don't constitute as a meal? Just make sure you brush well afterwards, or you’ll have some cavities to deal with down the line.

S'mores Pizza

If you're dying to go camping, but hate the outdoors, at least bring one of camping's best pasttimes to life with the S'mores Pizza. With ooey-gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate, this dish is to die for.

Banana Split Brownie Pizza

Forgo the ice cream parlor and try this interesting culinary delight. The Banana Split Brownie Pizza fuses all your banana split favorites onto a lovely sweet pie crust. It's finger-licking good!

In trying any of these recipes, don't be thwarted by their names. They are easy to whip up and will bring life back to your taste buds. In the matter of an hour or so, you will be a culinary chef in the making!

To some people, a pizza is just a pizza, but if you get creative with the right toppings, you can transform the basic pizza into so much more!

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  • lukashik img 2016-02-25 10:43

    Today I found a great video and once again made sure to improve the pizza can be infinite and not necessarily making the recipe. So..

    ...first of all sprinkled with cornmeal baking sheet, mounted directly on the working surface of the table. Removed the dough and turned the oven on maximum temperature, in my case (outdated equipment) is about 225ºС.

    Transformed the dough into the pizza crust, which was greased with Extra Virgin olive oil. The portion of cheese was cut into bars and put them around the circumference of the form, and then, crooking the edges of the dough, sealed the cheese in the pizza base.

    Posted on the basis of the number of nonweak relevant sauce of own production. Ended, by the way, we have to do.

    Rubbed the remaining cheese and for the most part it covered the workpiece, added spices ready for pizza thinly sliced Pepperoni and place on top. The last shavings of cheese sprinkled prefabricated and quickly placed all of these stories in the middle part of the oven with hellish temperatures of the heating...

    ...only for 15 minutes. After which the newly-made pizza appeared before me – what's there in front of me! In front of the whole family building! – in their lush glory. Separated it from the pan with spatula, put a Shiv on spectrace Swiss roll, divided into four parts, to each of the three of us got equally. And so it was... ShowBox

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