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7 Delicious Ways to Use Up Your Peaches

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Jul 28, 2014 8:47 AM

An important part of healthy eating is knowing what is in season. Peaches are perfect this time of year; just pick ones that already smell peachy and are just slightly soft to the touch. Avoid peaches with cuts or that are mushy. Once you buy peaches, you can refrigerate them or store in a cool place for up to 5 days.

So, now you’ve got your bushel of peaches. What to do with your treasures? Here are 7 delicious ways to eat those peaches.

1. Bellini

Let’s start with a way to drink your peaches. A Bellini is basically pureed peaches and champagne or Prosecco – think a peach mimosa. Puree your peaches in a blender and set aside. If you like your drinks on the sweet side, you can add simple syrup to the peaches and put them in the freezer if you want to keep them really cool. Then pop open the champagne or Prosecco and get out your champagne flutes. Typically you’ll put in a bit more champagne than peach puree, but adjust to your liking.

A Bellini is versatile and can be enjoyed at brunch or after dinner. Since this drink was created in Venice, serve one up and picture yourself in Italy instead of your backyard. A great staycation treat.


Photo by Garrison Gunter

2. Grilled Peaches

All of your friends are gathered for a backyard cookout, and you don’t want to go inside to bake dessert, right? Simply slice your peaches in half, remove the pit, brush with oil and put them on the grill. The peaches will caramelize into a lovely golden brown. Serve as is or as a base for any other flavors you’d like to add. A little butter, cinnamon and sugar are a perfect way to top the peaches. A scoop of your favorite ice cream, drizzle with maple syrup or serve with Greek yogurt and nuts for a healthier option.


Photo by Ralph Daily

3. Peach Cobbler

Perhaps the most traditional use of peaches is the peach cobbler. While it takes some prep time, this classic dish is worth the bit of effort to peel the peaches. Serve with ice cream and whipped cream for a crowd pleasing dessert.

Given the extra sugar and loads of butter in this recipe, if you have been told by a doctor to limit sugar or fat intake because of a health condition or disability, either reduce the amount of sugar and butter or try one of the other options to enjoy peachy deliciousness guilt-free.

A good thing about having a go-to cobbler recipe is that you can switch out the fruit and use blueberries, blackberries or whatever is in season!

4. Peach Sangria

Another drink option for peaches is the fruity wine called sangria.  Empty a bottle of sweet white (think Pinot Grigio or Riesling)  or rose wine into a pitcher, then add 3 sliced or diced peaches (if you have time, freeze them first) and add 2 to 3 cups of club soda. The great thing about sangria is that you can add in whatever other fruit you’d like- some berries or oranges would be great in this recipe as well.

Sangria is so refreshing and light, it is the perfect summer drink. Just be ready to make another batch, because it disappears quickly.

5. Pork Chops with Peach Relish

Time to talk about something savory.  The sweetness of peaches goes so well with the tenderness of pork that recipes for combine the two abound.  Here is a recipe for pork chops sautéed in a skillet with peaches.

I love it because it is a one pan recipe (less to clean up) and if you don’t have all of the ingredients on hand (like fresh thyme), it still turns out well.

6. Peach and Prosciutto Bites


Photo by Todd Kennedy

We’ve all tried the typical cantaloupe-wrapped-in-prosciutto recipe. The salty cured ham matches the sweet juiciness of the fruit perfectly. So you could just replace the cantaloupe with a slice of peach and call it a day, but why not spruce it up a bit?

Add a mint leaf for a little color and flavor. Or, better yet, put the peach slice and prosciutto on a slice of toasted French bread with a dollop of ricotta cheese for a southern version of bruschetta.

7. Raw, Over the Sink

You didn’t think I’d forget this tried and true method, did you? When a peach is ripe, it can be messy and soft, so the perfect way to enjoy it is raw over the sink. Savor those sweet flavors that are only in season for a month or so, and have a napkin on hand to wipe the juice that will run down your arm.

Peaches are a healthy snack, clocking in at 70 calories and 3 grams of fiber, with plenty of vitamin A and C. So whether you bake them, grill them, drink them or bite right into them, make sure peaches are on your shopping list this week!

Got a favorite peach recipe? I want to know, so I can use up more of these peaches! Share it in the comments below!

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