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7 Tips for Planning Your YOLO Vacation

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Jun 16, 2014 12:57 PM

YOLO is everywhere—on T-shirts, the backs of sweatpants, tattoos, armbands, Facebook statuses and even tweets. It has undoubtedly become this decade's trending mantra: "You Only Live Once." Basically, it's giving us permission to not be afraid to try something one time, because our lives are too short to waste moments by idling. The time is now to act upon our impulses and our desires.

Okay, this doesn't mean we need to jump out of a plane or decide quitting our job because we don't feel like working anymore is a good idea. It's one thing to let go of our daily, predictable routines to embrace spontaneity, but something else entirely to abandon everything and cater to our every impulse. There needs to be a balance.

So, instead of solely entertaining your whims, plan on taking a vacation that feels like a satisfyingly rash decision, but one without the stress of having no clue where you're going or how you're going to get there. Shoot for the dream vacation or once-in-a-lifetime getaway, but avoid the hassle. Try these 7 tips on for size to have the complete YOLO experience.


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1. Never Venture Alone

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's definitely important. Traveling safely should be your number one priority. Also, sharing the experience of a lifetime with a friend or loved one can really make the entire trip worth the trek. If you want to venture abroad, make sure you tag along with someone so you can work together through language barriers and booking hotels while enjoying the sights and experiences.

2. Make Planning a Priority

It seems like a bit of a contradiction to say you need to plan for your YOLO trip. While the saying screams "be impulsive and just do it," let's face it: planning a trip saves a lot of money, time and hassle. With your traveling companion or group, make a list of what everyone wants to do. Try to see how you can accommodate everyone's interests while avoiding stress and breaking the bank. Once you have an idea, create a tentative itinerary to follow. If you go off the grid, that's okay—just live in the moment when you can.


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3. Use a Guidebook

So, you're a little wary about following a step-by-step guide or regiment planned to the minute. After all, a YOLO vacation should be about satisfying wanderlust, not continuing a daily routine in a different location. However, despite your desire to throw away your guidebook, you may be pleasantly surprised to find interesting facts and history about the places along your travels. Or, you could find some of the best places to step foot in! If it weren't for your guidebook in Paris, you may not have found that completely awesome open-air market for breakfast!

4. Pack Comfortably

On your YOLO vacation, you can't always anticipate the weather or every activity you engage in. So, when in doubt, pack comfortable clothes. Of course, it's important to pack sneakers for walking and tourism and a jacket for when the nights get chilly. Just don't forget about packing for the night when it's important to dress to impress. Oh, and ladies: one pair of heels is enough. If you know it rains often or it's usually stifling where you’re headed, pack accordingly. Dressing in layers is always a good option.

5. Share the Wealth

Packing for a trip is always a burden. There is never enough room in the suitcase and you don't want to spend the money for an extra carry-on. See if you can share toiletries or even accessories. This would be especially helpful if you are traveling out of the country and are planning to backpack. Not only will you avoid unnecessary weight, but you will also save money and spare room for souvenirs to remember your experience.


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6. Be Prepared for Everything

You can't plan for every situation, nor can you anticipate trouble before it happens. Therefore, embrace the soccer mom mentality and pack everything you think you may need. Along with preparing for different kinds of weather, pack an emergency set of clothes just in case a set gets ruined or you stay for an extra day or layover. Invest in a travel emergency kit and be sure to have a way to access additional funds if necessary. Search for local hotels in case reservations fall through and always have a Plan B.

Though planning is meant to alleviate stress, managing every minute detail can be overwhelming for some. If planning your vacation has or gets you unraveled, and you need to seek medical help, consider recovering in a luxury rehab private room. No matter what, anticipate the best and worst scenarios.

7. Enjoy Every Moment

YOLO! Take the opportunity to live in every moment. Take thousands of photos. Try a cultural cuisine you've never dared to try before. Go off the grid and travel in (safe) unknown territories. Dare to explore. Just remember YOLO means living in the moment. Put down those phones and take in the world around you.

For a truly memorable experience, take these 7 tips into consideration when planning your YOLO trip. So, pack up your life for a little and hit the road, because let's be honest, you only live once!

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