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7 Ways to Catch the Spring Cleaning Fever

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Mar 4, 2014 2:27 PM

Are you “twitterpated?”

The sky is a soft, robin’s egg blue and the sun cascades vibrant rays of light that pool over rolling emerald hills. Pops of pastel pink, daffodil yellow and lilac paint a beautiful landscape canvas. Melodies sprinkle the trees as birds sing the songs of warmer weather and sun-kissed skin.

Spring is in the air and you’ve caught the fever. Just like Bambi and his friends, you’ve fallen in love. Okay, so maybe it’s not the love of your life and soul mate, but let’s face it, you’re completely enamored with the idea of letting your toes breathe and are itching to venture out into the fresh air to soak in some high-quality vitamin D.

During this time, you are completely surrounded by new life, so why can’t your house look the same? Leave the dirty work to the septic pumping professionals, but with 7 simple ways to catch the spring cleaning fever, you too can have the perfectly clean home to celebrate warmer weather and a brighter outlook. And hey, if you can't get the season to motivate you, maybe you can get the prospect of earning a little money off your junk to motivate you instead!


Photo by Closet Factory

Just some closet inspiration.

1. Organize Closets

Make the change and try on clothes and get rid of what doesn’t fit, even if you think you will fit in it later. Donate or sell your unwanted clothes to consignment haven’t worn it in a year. Don’t hold on to tattered or worn shoes, clothing and accessories. You want to look fresh and rejuvenated.

On the plus side, you can reinvent your morning routine by organizing your closet by color and occasion. Not only will your closet look revamped, but you will have an easier time finding things. Also, always make sure to dust and vacuum your closets to get rid of unwanted buildup and even salt and dirt from the bottom of shoes from the winter.  

2. Store Seasonal Clothes

Use vacuum shrink bags and large tubs to organize and store your seasonal clothes. Find a place in your house, garage or attic that can store these items and keep them out of site. This includes gloves, scarves, hats and boots. It’s time to break out those flip flops! Remember, that anything you haven’t worn, make sure you donate or purge. Organize your clothing by style and don’t over pack as that can cause wrinkling.


Photo by spDuchamp

3. Update Beds and Bedding

As easy as it sounds, change your bed linens from heavier fabrics like flannel to thinner, more breathable linens like cotton. The weather will be getting warmer, but you can still keep a throw blanket or comforter on the bed. Bed skirts, mattress protectors and covers should be washed and you should vacuum and flip your mattress. Even try to clean your pillows as this will rid your bed of any dust particles or germs that reside in these hard to clean spaces.

4. Clean Painted Walls

Ultimately, this is a task that many of us overlook when it comes to cleaning our home. Believe it or not, but residue, buildup, dust and other grime tend to stick to our painted walls, especially in the kitchen.

For a quick fix, you need a bucket with mild soap or water and a sponge, cloth or rag. Dishwashing liquid is a great addition as it will be mild and give a fresh, pleasant scent. Gently wash the walls in a circular waxing motion being careful not to rub too hard onto the wall surface. If you have a tougher stain, try to add some soap directly to the stain for removal. Remember not to rub too hard as it can chip or wear away at the paint. Finally, rinse the walls with plain water.

5. Clean Windows and Wash Blinds


Photo by Meghan

As strange as it sounds, try to wash and clean your windows on a cloudy day. The reason behind this all stems back to the cleaning agents you use on your windows. If you clean on a sunny day, your solution will evaporate too quickly, causing streaks in the glass.

Don’t stop there! Make sure you clean in the window frame and screens with mild solutions. Dirt and dust from the elements tend to build up in these cracks, including your sliding doors and window treatments. Don’t forget your blinds as they accumulate so much dust and buildup. Therefore, make sure you take a soapy rag and run it along each strip for a deep clean.

6. Clean Out the Refrigerator

At times, this task can be very daunting, but will feel so much cleaner and can help in changing the way you view and eat your foods. Go through your refrigerator one section at a time to do a clean wipe of your food items and shelves. While going through, dispose of any expired food items and anything that looks unappetizing.

Organize your shelves to find the best way to display your produce, condiments and beverages. Try purchasing small containers from the dollar store as this is an inexpensive and manageable way to divide your shelving for a complete makeover.

7. Check Appliances and Replace Batteries


Photo by Angus

During this time of year, refresh yourself with your major appliances and their manuals. Check warranties and run your appliances to make sure your microwave, television and even your blenders are working properly. Avoid tackling major plumbing and electrical works as these tasks are meant for professionals. For example, septic pumping in Syracuse, NY is left up to capable hands, due to the age and unique character of the homes. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Additionally, replace all batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and run quick tests. This way, you know you’re making sure your safety and health of your family is a top priority. Finally, deep-clean these appliances with tough disinfectant wipes for a completely clean home.

Break Through Cabin Fever

Taking the time to spring clean your home is essential for feeling rejuvenated in the springtime. If you need to clean quickly for company, try some easy tricks for cleaning your house in thirty minutes or less. Whatever you choose, make way for spring and bask in the lovely glow of your fresh, “new” home.

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