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7 Valentine's Treats for the Whole Office

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Feb 10, 2014 3:21 PM

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day is not just for couples to celebrate their unconditional love for each other. While that may be some aspect of it, times have changed, and this time of year is a great way to show your appreciation for others.


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Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. Get your whole office into the spirit by bringing along one of these great crowd-pleasing treats!

As the old saying goes, the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach. Show your co-workers that you care this season by whipping up some easy to make Valentine-themed recipes.

While you're at it, get creative and tap into your crafty skills. Accompany each snack with a clever saying or add a fun little label presentation to add to your final product. Whatever you decide, make sure it comes from the heart.

1. Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bites

Blaze a trail with me, Valentine.

Channel your sense of adventure with these sweet and salty Trail Mix Bites. Pack with healthy fat, protein and antioxidants, these miniature sweets will grant you energy to tackle a day at the office. With a couple of key ingredients, these little bursts of flavor will take no time to make, and will disappear just as fast! For a truly festive theme, drizzle a bit of pink white chocolate over top or turn your cranberries into little heart shapes.

2. Fruity Pineapple Pops

You're the {pine}apple of my eye, Valentine.

Make your own simplified version of the ever-popular edible arrangements with this quick and easy recipe. Take the lollipop to new and healthier heights with a heart-shaped pineapple pop. Find a heart-shaped cookie cutter and slice up a pineapple and a luscious green kiwi. Place the fruit on a stick and voila, it's ready to serve. To keep it fresh all day long, don't forget to drizzle some lemon juice to preserve its color. Don't worry, it's okay to be a little fruity this time of year.

3. Crushed Candy Heart Pops

Break some hearts today, Valentine.

There's a new candy crush in town, and no, I'm not talking about the fun yet wildly addicting game. These brownie-inspired, crushed candy heart pops find a new, slightly destructive, but oh-so-good use for conversation hearts. This would be a fun recipe to celebrate the single ladies at the office that may have a bit of an animosity for this love-filled holiday, or a fun comment on looking fantastic and sassy. Each one brightly colored and full of attitude, they will surely make as statement and turn some heads.

4. Red Velvet Brownies

You're one smooth operator, Valentine.

As the name suggests, velvet represents all things smooth and silky. While this can be a bit of a more intimate gesture, you can really spin this to read comical and indulgent. Keeping the foundation of rich and decadent red velvet brownie flavor, add a little spunk and light-heartedness with some M&Ms and crushed candy pieces or sprinkles. This is the perfect "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" kind of recipe. However, it's that time of year: go big or go home.

5. Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake

Don't hide your love from me, because I've been searching for you, Valentine.

Bring back the element of surprise with this amazingly easy recipe. You can't go wrong with this Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake, as it will delight anyone who takes a bite. On the outside, it looks like a mouthwatering pound cake, simple in design and flavor. However, your recipients will be pleasantly surprised that on the inside lush pink hearts wait to be discovered. A company like Load Cell Manufacturer could include a play on words that compliments their weighing systems with the pound cake. Get it? Nevertheless, this is such a great recipe to slice up for fellow co-workers or for anyone who wants to tell someone how they really feel.

6. Pink Champagne Cookies

You're so bubbly, Valentine.

Who doesn't love a little bit of bubbly on Valentine's Day? Well, instead of sipping from a tall flute, infuse something sparkling into your baking endeavors. This wonderful recipe calls for pink champagne into cookie dough. These Pink Champagne Cookies add a little class and sophistication to your mundane cookie. With simple steps to follow, these will be a hit for celebrating Valentine's Day at an office party or luncheon.

7. Creamy Coconut Hearts

Let's escape, Valentine. I'm going coconuts in this office!

Eat your heart out with these scrumptious, creamy coconut hearts. Ombre is in this year and these little morsels will fill your taste buds with tastes of the islands. In no time your co-workers will be dreaming of leaving their desk and having visions of white beaches, blue waters, and yes, even warm weather. Give them a minute of respite from the stress of work with your deliciously colored treats. Caution: too many coconut hearts and your co-workers will begin to ask for limes.

Stray from the traditional chocolates this year and explore your options. We all get tired of same old chocolate in foil bit, so surprise your co-workers with some fun recipes and clever word play. You will be the talk of the office, Valentine, and it will make this holiday a bit more special. So, start whipping up your creations so everyone can say, T.G.I.F. and Happy Valentine's Day! 

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