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31 Last Minute Costumes for the Halloween Procrastinator

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Oct 28, 2013 1:09 PM

Photo by Nathan Rupert

Stuck with nothing but the clothes on your back and a blank sign? Be a nudist on strike.

Do you have a last minute invite to join a costume party? Are you so busy that you forgot the 31st was right around the corner? Everyone can't settle on a group idea? You hate Halloween, but are pressured by your friends to go out? Or, you are completely out of ideas and don't know where else to turn? Below are thirty-one unique costume ideas for guys and ghouls, groups and families that are far from lame, and will put a spook back into your step.

For the Ghouls

1.  The Ceiling Fan

Get your pom-poms out and channel your inner collegiate spirit. Grab a t-shirt and decorate it with the words, "ceiling fan," and choose your colors. Deck out your body with those colors, pom-poms or megaphone. Be sure to say, "Go ceiling!"

2. A Sexy Sheet Ghost

Boooo-tiful! Grab a white sheet out of your linen closet and a bikini or some sassy lingerie. Wear some white clothes underneath, throw on your sheet, and then place the "unmentionables" overtop. Cut some holes for your eyes and mouth, and you'll have a surprisingly conservative costume.

3. Cat Lady

Wear some awkward spandex pants, a bulky, outdated sweater and add glasses and messy hair for dramatic effect. The icing on the cake? Hot glue or duct tape as many stuffed cats that can possibly fit on your body.

4.  Red Solo Cup

As one of America's favorite party necessities, you'll be a party favorite as well. All you need is a red dress and some white lettering, "Solo," on the side of your outfit. Accessorize with some white earrings, jewelry and stockings.

5. Freshman

For an easy costume fix, grab your old college brand clothes, five textbooks, a backpack and a confused look on your face. Walk around all night asking people for directions to the library. Add a travel coffee mug for emphasis.

6. Chick Flick Night       

Come dressed in comfy sweat pants, slippers, messy hair and a blanket or Snuggie. Top off this lazy attire with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a spoon. Don't forget the tissues for those tear-jerking moments. Too bad you can't carry around a hot water plunge pool to go into total relaxation mode.

7. Pig-In-A-Blanket

Grab a blanket and wear pink. Draw a little pig nose and you'll be the cutest pig-in-a-blanket. You can remind your friends that you're taking this phrase literally; you know they're really tiny little hot dogs.

8. Freudian Slip

Sassy yet intelligent, find a tasteful slip. Then, using all of your knowledge about Freud, add some of his greatest terms like "id, ego and repression."

9. Gold Digger

Break out the gold chains, jewelry and clothing. The goal is to be tacky and full of "bling." Add a shovel and you'll certainly be digging for gold.

10. Self-Portrait

Go search for the largest frame in the house. Dress up in elegant clothes and hold the frame up to create a live self-portrait. For a high-tech (and higher-effort) alternative, recreate your Facebook profile on posterboard and cut a hole for your face where your profile picture goes. Poke!

For the Guys

11. Chicken Cord On Blue

Make people laugh out loud with this ensemble. All you need is a blue shirt, phone cord, and a rubber chicken. Instant pun.

12. Walter White

Go as your favorite television character from Breaking Bad. Grab some boots, a button-down shirt, dishevel your hair and add a toy gun. What will make or break your costume? Adding the tighty-whiteys.

13.  Fork In The Road

Be my blog! All you need is a black t-shirt, yellow duct tape and a plastic fork. Make small road lines down the middle of your shirt and attach the fork. A perfect literal portrayal if there ever was one.

14. Dirty Laundry

Go to the Dollar Store and pick up a plastic laundry basket or raid your linen closet. Cut holes in the bottom for your legs. Wear the basket like pants, throw clothes into the basket and drape them over your body.

15.  God's Gift To Women

Think you're the perfect specimen? Find a large cardboard box, wrap it in gift wrap and cut holes for your appendages. To top it off, add a frilly bow. Don't forget the tag, "God's Gift to Women."

16. Cereal Killer

If breakfast foods are your thing, tape cereal boxes to your body with plastic knifes puncturing the boxes.

17. Identity Theft

Use "Hello, my name is" stickers and place them all over your body. Have fun inventing names and fonts of your victims.

18. Time Flies

Take a kitchen clock and tie it around your neck with strings. Add some wings and time will surely fly at your party.

19. Iron Chef

Don't think the normal culinary garb. All you need is a chef hat or apron and a clothing iron. Enough said.

For the Group

20. Hipster Disney Princesses

Find your favorite princesses and note their color scheme and signature item. Wear modern clothes that reflect your princess. Add some dark-framed glasses and a sign. For example, Snow White may wear an apple necklace and hold a sign that says, "I had an apple before Steve Jobs."

21. Grapes

Have your friends wear green, purple or red. Blow up balloons of the same colors and attach to the body. Add some vines to decorate.

22. Art Museum

All you need are some sheets and paint. Drizzle paint all over the sheet and become abstract art.

23.  Rock, Paper, Scissors

For a fun trio, use cardboard to create a rock, paper and scissor costume. Don't forget to label yourself!

24. Tetris

Find tons of cardboard boxes and color them. Make a fun Tetris shape and try to make each other fit together all night.

25. M&M's

Coordinate M&M's colors with your friends and adorn that single color. Add a giant "M" on your shirt.

26. Seven Deadly Sins

Dress up as the Seven Deadly Sins by assigning the sins. Make sure your outfit reflects your sin. Example, "Envy" may wear all green.

For the Family

27. Dr. Seuss

Mom and dad wear red shirts that say Thing 1 and Thing 2. The little one can wear all black with a red and white hat, tail and whiskers.

28. Dog Walkers

Let your son or daughter be dressed in a suit or dress like they're out for a stroll. Mom and dad, be prepared to dress like a dog and wear a leash around your neck.

29. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

Wear the colors of each animal and dress like a lion, tiger or bear. One person in your family can hold a sign saying, "Oh my!"

30. Legos

Grab some cardboard boxes and plastic bowls. Attach the bowls to the cardboard and cuts holes so you can wear it. Paint it Lego colors and you can be all different shapes and sizes.

31. Rainbow

Assign a color of the rainbow so each person wears that color from head to toe. Stand in a line for a great photo op! Don't forget your "roygbiv."

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