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Five Things to Do at a Harrisburg Senators Game

Written by Toni Fitzgerald, Community Blogger | May 15, 2014 8:37 AM

Our family’s tagline should really be “we can’t get enough baseball.”

On Saturday night, after watching my son and daughter’s baseball games and going to watch a friend play in yet another contest, we’re heading to our first Harrisburg Senators game of the year.

We’re a baseball family. We take in at least a half-dozen Major League Baseball games every season, despite the fact that there’s no MLB stadium with an hour’s drive.

But although we have no allegiance to the Senators’ parent team (we’re St. Louis Cardinals fans), we adore our local minor league team.

Here are five things we plan to do at this weekend’s game:                       

1. Hit the Kids Zone

If I’m being honest, my 5-year-old daughter isn’t much for watching games despite the fact that she now plays baseball. But she loves the inflatable activities down on the concourse, and we easily spend three innings there every single game. My favorite is when she races her (4 years older) brother through the obstacle course. She has yet to win, but she’s closing the gap.

2. Get Some Gear

My dad, a die-hard Washington Nationals fan, still wears the Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg shirts we got him a few years back from the gear shop.

3. Watch the Inflatamaniacs

My kids (and my husband) love these guys, who perform funny dances throughout the game. Of course, our favorites are the Cowboy Monkeys, but alas they’re not in town this weekend.

4. Eat My Heart Out

We always leave the games stuffed because there’s such a variety of food. My motto: Always save room for ice cream!

5. Run the Bases

After the game, the kids will be zooming around the base paths, pretending they’re the next Quincy Latimore. Active kids = early bedtime = happy mom.

What does your family like to do at Senators games?

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