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The Types of Kids Let Down by the Education System

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Mar 13, 2018 1:33 AM

In an ideal world, every child, regardless of their ability level, personality, or circumstance in life would have the opportunity to get an education on a par with all others. Alas, that simply isn't the case. While there are certainly flaws in educational systems around the world, this problem is something that might exist even if schools were operating at their maximum possible impact. Some holes are more gaping than others, however, and certain types of children and adolescents find the system a bit more stacked against them when all is fairly measured.

When that is the case, a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy begins to unfold. For example, imagine a child, through no fault of his own, who is not being reached in the most effective manner by the methods undertaken at his school. That child can easily get discouraged, thereby leading them to dislike the school experience and not give the full effort. As a result, the school hardens even more against this child, and the cycle repeats itself to the point where there is little hope for them to ever near his or her educational potential. Identifying which types of kids are most affected by this unfortunate scenario can help them get past that hump.

Even college-age kids can get to a point where they are absolutely stumped by a lesson, which is why they should realize that getting the homework help they need is not an impossibility. What is impossible to navigate, for some, is a school system that is seemingly set up to lead them to failure.

Teachers Methods

What often happens is that teachers are more willing to work with the kids who need it the least. They see the kid who just needs a little nudge to get past a roadblock and they think that the most benefit they can give would be to help that kid. By ignoring others who may be a bit further back in their development, they are not quite meeting the needs of everyone in the class.

One Success at A Time

Many of the kids who are stuck at a so-called lower level just need a few confidence-builders to get them pointed in the right direction. Often these are the types who have just as much if not more potential than the ones who are sailing through and getting good grades. But that potential can often stay jammed up without something to loosen it.

The Retiring Type

There are some kids who are just plain shy, almost to the point where it is a phobia for them to ask for help. Teachers have precious little time to address kids in class and they will often cater to those who reach out, and they can't really be blamed for that focus. But the retiring types might be just waiting to blossom in their education if they can get a little assistance.

There aren't many easy answers when it comes to solving the conundrum of getting every student the help they need. But giving time and energy to those who are lagging is a natural starting point.

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