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Safety tips for working women during pregnancy

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Mar 8, 2018 1:40 AM

Working women need to master a number of tips during pregnancy in order to stay safe and still perform their duties. It is important to keep off any negative thought and prepare well to get way any tension that may result from unpreparedness. Everything you do should be pegged upon the thoughts of your unborn child. Now that you are pregnant, it will not be a prudent idea to rest right from the 1st trimester. There are things that you could do to make you productive in the workplace even if you are pregnant. Here are important tips to apply and still be productive in all you do:

Remember to carry sufficient water and food with you as you leave for your workplace. Make sure you take food that you have prepared from home. It is a good measure to ensure that there won't be any form of infection should you eat contaminated food from elsewhere. Be safe and comfortable knowing that what you are taking as food and water is clean and healthy.

Rest in between your work sessions. Take some breaks in between your working hours. You may not have to always walk around but even sitting down and having a chat with a friend helps a lot. A brisk walk within the working compound would also be helpful. Exercise a lot of caution as you walk around and take deep breaths as you do that.

Your working posture is very important. Maintain a good and healthy sitting position to protect yourself from straining a lot. At times, your feet may swell. On such occasions, place your feet on an elevated position to help them relax.

Don't strain your body through frequent movements. Where possible, avoid stairs and use lifts instead. The most important objective in your daily life at work is to keep your energy and not to tire your body quickly.

On your way to work, keep off bumpy roads when riding. Your body is in a delicate condition that cannot take manage such a situation. Potholes and bumps on the roads will give you unnecessary jerks and may also be dangerous to the unborn child.

Take a lot of water and fresh juice but watch carefully that you don't lean towards the intake of hard drinks that may dehydrate you. When your body system is hydrated, your body will be free from cramps that can be very painful. Still, a hydrated body system will not feel nauseous and flatulent. Keep off strong coffee or cigarettes as advised by your doctor. The caffeine and nicotine content in these substances are harmful to the unborn child.

Do a number of activities and exercises. Continue doing the activities you have been doing but go slow on the same. Here, you will need the services of a physician to guide you on the most applicable exercises for your situation. Your heart rate should be kept around 140 beats per minute. Ideally, most of your exercises should involve walking. However, you can attend aerobics with the advice of your physician.

Put on comfortable clothing. Pregnant women at work have different attires hence should be acquired during the pregnancy period. Most importantly, the clothes should be manufactured from natural fiber. Where possible, don't put on artificial fiber clothing. It will leave you feeling breathless. Again, your clothes should be loosely accompanied by flat shoes. This is not the time to put on high heels.

If you drive to work, you can continue driving but with safety precautions in place. Keep on driving through the use of both your lap and shoulder harness. The lap belt should be left down under the bump of your baby. Fasten your seat belt tightly below your abdomen. Make sure it is against the bony section of the pelvic region. Let the shoulder strap pass over the shoulders and again in between the breasts. It should feel tight enough without cutting into your neck or shoulders. Once you are outside the car, remember to stretch slightly and move around before visiting the restroom.

Working women during pregnancy need to tread carefully in the work environment in order to stay safe at all times. Make sure the environment you are working in is safe. Your safety revolves around what you do on a daily basis, how you get to work and the site of your workstation. While in this condition, you need to make sure that you have water and food to keep you energetic and hydrated. For more tips ask Medplux

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