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Top American Festivals To Look Out For In 2018

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Feb 26, 2018 10:36 PM

Music festivals are a great way to bring communities together, with fans of the same music coming together to celebrate the diversity of the music industry and some of the most inspirational artists to date. While there are undoubtedly some hugely popular American festivals, some a slightly more concealed however still offer incredible experiences. Regarding that you complete your ESTA visa USA to grant you access to all 50 states, you're guaranteed to have an incredible time at the following festivals this year!

Afro Punk Fest, Brooklyn

Perfect for those with a more refined taste in music, Afro Punk Fest holds a mixture of rap, punk, rock and metal, however it doesn't just exist to celebrate these less conventional styles of music. Instead, Afro Punk Fest is all about black culture, and appreciating black communities within the world of punk and alternative music, all while appreciating some of the most legendary Urban artists from around the world.

Electric Zoo, New York

The stage for this American festival is insane, with previous festivals seeing a python-like structure to the stage in order to correlate with the zoo theme. Located at Randall's Island Park, you'll see this destination like never before, packed with avid fans under an electronic dancing trance thanks to headlining artists including DJ Snake and deadmau5. If you adore dance music, and you love to let your hair down and go wild, this is the perfect festival for you during 2018.

Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas

Full of extravagant staging and lasers, Electric Daisy Carnival is an event in America that you simply don't want to miss. While it remains most popular in the US, this particular festival has also been spotted in London and Puerto Rico thanks to its brilliance. When attending this festival, you can expect the likes of Martin Garrix and Major Lazer to be performing, bringing together a thriving community who all share a love for epic electronic, dance music. The aesthetic alone at this festival is enough to make you want to attend, so get your tickets ASAP!

Coachella, California

It wouldn't really be a list of the best American festivals for 2018 without a mention of Coachella. Essentially acting as the American version of Britain's 'V Festival', Coachella is renowned for raking in the biggest names in the charts currently, with the likes of Beyoncé and The Weeknd attending last year. This American festival hasn't been labelled as a bucket-list event for no reason, with anticipation for the event lasting all-year-long since the previous Coachella ended! It sells out fast though, so you'll want to get your tickets quickly!

Made In America, Pennsylvania

This increasingly popular event was founded by the word-class rapper and business mogul Jay Z, aimed to celebrate bands from across all 50 American states, as well as upcoming and established rappers in the industry. Jay Z himself has determined the theme of this American festival, claiming that it's focus is to 'unite likeminded people together', in order to trade cultures and gain a better understanding of each other.

When it comes to music festivals, America dominates the game every time. Whether you want to go crazy and attend some of the incredible electric festivals, or you're dying to view your favourite A-list star on the Coachella stage, 2018 certainly has a festival line up for everyone.

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