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Landscaping advice for your yard

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Feb 13, 2018 9:44 PM

Creating a beautiful yard is a top goal for many homeowners. However, this is a goal that is challenging and even seemingly unattainable to some homeowners. You may have already spent years trying to improve your yard with little to show for your effort. Creating a landscaping plan is a great starting point, and you can spend ample time researching different ideas for your yard online and in magazines. When you are creating a plan for your space, turn your attention to this helpful advice to enjoy the best outcome from your efforts. 

Have a Focal Point
When you look at landscaping images online, you may notice that most yards have a focal point. This may be a patio seating area, a trellis with a climbing flower vine, a winding path, a water feature or other features. Determine what the focal point of your yard will be, and start creating your landscaping plan around that focal point. This essentially gives you a starting point for your plan.

Choose Vegetation Carefully
A landscaping plan will not be complete without the right combination of vegetation. Research vegetation based on coloring and height. You also need to know the vegetation's watering and sunlight requirements and what temperatures it can tolerate. You may also pay attention to the maintenance and care requirements for each plant type that you are looking at. Some plants are considerably more time-consuming to care for than others. These tidbits are essential if you want your vegetation to thrive in the space that you are working with. It can take a significant amount of time to properly research and plan for this aspect of your landscaping design, but the effort will be well-rewarded when you see your vegetation flourish.

Use Hardscaping
The most common types of hardscaping that many homeowners incorporate into their plan are flower bed borders and pathways or sidewalks. However, you can also use stone walls for terracing, raised features as an accent and more. The type of stone or brick that you use, the use of a pattern in the layout and other factors can affect what your finished result looks like and how effective it is at achieving your goals. Remember that hardscaping is a decorative feature, but it can also be used to combat specific problem areas that your yard has.

Invest in a Water Feature
If you are looking for a way to make your yard stand out, consider investing in a water feature. A water feature may be an elegant fountain, a beautiful pond, a babbling brook or another similar type of feature. Remember that these features generally require a substantial amount of maintenance, but you can reduce this burden when you invest in the right equipment. For example, you can add a pump and filter to a pond to help you keep the water clean.

Start With a Small Project
After you have created an amazing plan that targets all areas of your yard, you are ready to begin the endeavor. Some homeowners will hire an expert landscaper to bring their vision to life, but this may not be in the budget for some homeowners. If you need to work on your landscaping plan, it may be smart to break the plan up into smaller projects. This can make a major project seem much more manageable. You can easily complete a small project in your free time, and it may take a few hours or a few weekends. After you have completed this smaller project, you can then begin another small project associated with your plan. Over time, your vision for a beautifully landscaped yard will come to life.

While some of your neighbors may have a stunning yard with incredible features, remember that these homeowners may have spent years updating their yard and completing various projects. A beautiful yard takes ample time and effort, and it also requires regular care to maintain. Avoid feeling discouraged when your yard does not have the finished look that you desire a few weeks from now. This is a long-term and even on-going effort that will require ample attention, and you can make slow and steady progress in the weeks and months to come.

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