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How to Open a Successful Beauty Salon

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Feb 22, 2018 7:28 PM

Opening a beauty salon requires a lot of work. You will need to do detailed planning if you want to see your business take off. You'll also need to prepare an adequate sum of money. Investing in a salon means investing into everything that you need to sustain it, such as the help you may need, the bills you'll encounter and the equipment you'll be using. If you dream about having your very own successful beauty salon one day, then this is what you need to know before you open it.

Know Your Budget

Can you afford a beauty salon? There is no point in running an unsuccessful business, regardless of what that business is. Before you rush into opening your very own salon, you should get learn more about what you'll need to open it. Calculate everything, from rent and bills to the equipment you're going to use. Find out how much money you're going to invest initially and add the bills and monthly expenses. These will be your expenses in order to keep the salon open and working.

The first couple of months will be the roughest. Nevertheless, if you provide good service, you'll certainly start to get some regular customers. Do everything in your power to maintain a positive attitude until your business takes off.


In the beginning, the most important thing is marketing. Be sure to spread the information that you have opened up a shop right away. Explain what you do and why you're the best.

Get your shop a website. Websites are great forms of marketing. They don't cost too much to get made or to be maintained. Put some pictures of your previous work on your webpage to show people how good you are. Investing in internet ads is not necessary if your shop is local, which is probably going to be the case at first.

Charge Adequately

Charge an adequate amount of money for your service. Don't get carried away by the money you could be earning. Play it safe and find a perfect price for your work. However, this doesn't mean you should undercharge. Visit some beauty salons nearby to get an idea of how much you should charge for different services.

Hire Qualified Workers

It's great if you can attend your shop by yourself, but if you want to grow you will need workers. Be sure to hire qualified and professional workers. You'll also need to have the right number of employees. For instance, if you have 3 chairs, it's best to have two employees that will be working along with you.

Don't overpay your workers. You should never offer them a high percentage because it will only cause problems for you when your shop grows. If you give the technicians a huge commission in the beginning, then you might have to let them go later.

Get High-Quality Equipment

Everyone likes to be comfortable. That is why you need high-quality equipment. The equipment that you use is going to help you get job done quickly. Invest in new hair brushes every three months. You also shouldn't save money on creams and makeup.

Make your customers comfortable. For instance, consider getting one of the many great pedicure chairs from JAUSA. If the chair is comfortable, every customer is going to relax and enjoy the service more, which could result in a positive review for you and the shop.

Keep Your Place Neat

Many salons overlook hygiene. To greet a customer with hair flying all over the place can make your salon look dirty. Be sure to clean after every customer. If you're not used to doing this, then you shouldn't worry, since it will become part of your everyday routine quickly.

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