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5 Reasons to Visit New York

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Feb 5, 2018 2:01 PM

The United States of America is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year millions of tourists come to the USA in order to explore new places and culture. It is the country of opportunities and impressions. This country is very diversified and can offer things to do and to see to people of different age and interests.

One of the most visited cities in the USA is New York. As the place is extremely popular, it has become very easy to get to this country almost from any city in the world. You can easily book flights to Kharkiv from New York, find a good hotel and come to New York to see its beauty. But what is so special about this city? Is it worth being visited?

Places to See in New York

  1. Central Park. Central Park is the pearl of concrete jungles. This is the biggest and the greenest park in New York with total area of about 843 acres. This is a favorite place of many Americans. People come here for a picnic, to walk, to jog, to play outdoor games and simply have some rest with friends and family.

  2. Time Square. Time Square is the liveliest streets in the city. It amazes with tall buildings and huge electronic billboards. This is the place where Americans and tourists like to celebrate holidays such as New Year or the Independence Day. There are a lot of museums and cafes, including Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and the Hard Rock café. Once you get to New York, you definitely need to visit Time Square.

  3. New York museums. If you want to explore American culture, you should visit museums. Even though New York is believed to be a business city, it has a lot of museums. Where to start? Start with the American Museum of Natural History, then the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and, of course, the Museum of Modern Art.

  4. The Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is not only a famous mark of the city but, probably, the whole country. It is the symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was given to Americans by French people as a gift in 1886. In fact, there is a small copy of the gift in France too.  The Statue is placed on 12- acre island.

  1. The Empire State Building. The best place to take a picture of the city is Empire State Building, which is a 102- floor building. It is a classic Art Deco and an icon place in New York. A beautiful view of 130-km area can be seen from the Empire State Building.

American and New York, in particular, has a lot of other amazing places to visit. There is not a single picture or video that can reflect the real atmosphere of US. You have to come here to feel the atmosphere of busy streets of the downtown and calmness of Central Park. Come and explore New York!

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