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Keeping in Shape on a Busy Schedule

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jan 17, 2018 11:49 AM

Modern life requires most people to keep a busy schedule for much of their adult lives. To make a living in a competitive world, many people have to work long hours, often at multiple jobs. When you add in the fact that there are commitments to be kept with loved ones as well as a need for rest and the occasional urge to get out and have a good time, it can seem like there is absolutely no time available to work out and keep in shape. Yet, to ensure good health and buttress self-esteem by improving physical appearance, keeping in shape is a must as well.

Many people stress about the fact that there just enough time in the day to get their workouts in with everything else going on in their lives. Yet they fail to realize that there are ways to make it happen. It can take some creativity and time management, but even the busiest people have no excuse for letting their physical fitness slide. Without striking that balance, the adverse benefits that come with not keeping in shape can pile up pretty quickly, and that can put a damper on any commitment you might have to keep.

If you have trouble finding the energy to work out, it could be a physical defect, which is why you should consider seeking out a hormone replacement therapy clinic to seek their professional guidance. If you don't think you have the time to work out, you should check out these tips.

Maximize the Time

Even in the busiest lives, there is always a little bit of free time that comes up during waking hours. You just have to identify it and make the most of it in terms of keeping in shape. Have a ten-minute break at work? Don't waste it standing around. Take a quick walk. Did the kids fall asleep early? Take five minutes to do some crunches. These little quasi-workouts can make a big difference when it is all added up.

It's the Effort, Not the Time

Many studies have been done which show that short bursts of exercising at high intensity are just as effective if not more effective than longer workouts of more moderate intensity. Try the Tabata protocol as an example. Pick an exercise and go all-out with it for twenty seconds. Then take ten seconds off. Repeat that cycle eight times. In four short minutes, you'll provide your body with the kind of strenuous activity that will produce long-lasting results.

Stick with It

There will be times when your schedule does prohibit you from making that stop at the gym you had been planning. Don't get discouraged, even if that happens on numerous occasions. Make the effort to get to the gym when you have the chance. What you might find is that you feel so good after your workouts that you find ways of squeezing it in.

It's always easy to find excuses for not working out. You need to concentrate on why staying in shape is so important and make it a priority, even on the busiest of days.


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