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How to Train Smart for Any Sport

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jan 8, 2018 11:42 AM

The idea of sport-specific training has grown as more sports have gained popularity around the world. Many experts believe that by isolating the type of movements and actions that are needed for different sports, athletes can thus make improvements in those particular areas by training with those things in mind. Sports science, like anything else in this world of constant technological improvement, has surged in recent years to allow athletes to really pinpoint how to train for each specific sport they play.

This can be a boon to a professional athlete or an Olympic hopeful. But that might not suit the kind of weekend amateur athlete who doesn't compete at such a high level in a specific sport but may like to take part in multiple sports. Imagine someone who does a little bit of jogging, plays basketball with friends and does a little golf and tennis on the side. For them, the idea of training or working out takes on a different meaning, as the concept should be more about a kind of all-around effort to be prepared for a number of physical activities. If that example sounds similar to what you do, you should consider the following ideas to help you in your training efforts.

No matter what sport you favor, you need to know where to find the best equipment, especially sport-specific items like a slide board. You also need to have a strategy on how to train your body to be versatile enough for any type of sport you might want to tackle.

Balance It Out

One of the ways to ensure that your body is well-rounded enough for anything is to follow a training regimen with a lot of balance. There should be abalance between cardiovascular exercises for stamina and weight training for strength. In the same manner, you should always be aware of balancing out your efforts so that you're hitting every part of the body. Otherwise, you could have a weakness in a certain area that will put a damper on your performance in certain sports.

Core for More

Just about every sport you can imagine needs some combination of strength and balance. And the area in the body from which those qualities emerge is the core. As a result, there should be some element of core training in each exercise that you do. That will give you the solid foundation to handle whatever sport you might want to try.

Smart Moves

The injury will hold you back from your participating in sports. As a result, you need to train wisely as much as you need to train hard. Know when it's time to back off when a certain muscle or body part is in pain that's more severe than just a typical ache. Also, it's important to remember to stretch your muscles adequately to keep them from pulling or tearing unexpectedly.

Following these rules will give you an excellent basis for your athletic endeavors. From there, you can then do exercises that might be tailored specifically to the sports on which you concentrate the most.

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