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How to Stop Robocalls Once and For All

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jan 29, 2018 9:46 PM

Even with the national Do Not Call Registry, many people still have complaints to make concerning unwanted calls occasionally coming from robocallers. So, what is the reason? Well, most of these robocallers are looking to scam somebody. They simply are con artists who want to trick you and run away with your money. They don't care about the law. As a result of this, the search for better ways of dealing with robocalls has been going on for the longest time. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been on the lead by passing regulations that help telecommunication companies abilities to block robocalls.

Initially, FCC engaged in a measure that required all telecommunication companies to complete every call, similarly the way postal service does delivery to personal mail including the junk as well. Therefore, it is important to look for your telecommunications provider to get call-blocking features in the future. However, as you wait for that, here is how you can help yourself stop robocalls coming from your phone number:

1. Reject anonymous calls. Set up an option to reject all anonymous calls coming to your phone. This feature is a free landline-calling option usually available from most of the telecommunication companies out there. With this tool, you can screen out every call from someone who blocks their caller ID details. This is a favorite strategy of telemarketers. All you need to set up this is dialing *77 using your landline. However, various phone services could have varying set up procedures. Contact your telephone service company to establish whether they have this feature with them and if so, enable it on your phone.

2. Use Nomorobo. Nomorobo is a free service and is only useful if you can access an Internet-based VoIP service on your phone. It does not operate on conventional analog landlines or on wireless phones. This tool makes use of a "concurrent ring" service used for detecting and blocking all robocalls blacklisted as offender numbers. It may not offer your absolute protection but can guarantee some level of protection. You can sign up or confirm whether Nomorobo works for your service provider by visiting their site at

3. Get a Robocall-blocking Device. Here is an option that will require you to spend some money. If you don't mind doing so to deal with robocalls, buy a call-blocking device such as the digitone call blocker plus. These are very useful devices that work by plugging into your cell phone line and makes it possible for you to blacklist numbers that you don't need and establish a white list or maybe do a manual program on your phone to identify and accept a specific number of safe numbers. These devices are very effective to use.

4. Don't Pick Up. When you have a caller ID you can choose not to answer the call unless you can identify with the caller. However, if you receive it and realize it is a robocall, just hang up. Don't be tempted to press 1 to facilitate speaking to a live operator and again, don't even press any of the other numbers to make a complaint concerning the call or to get your number off their list. If you do this by responding to the pressing of a number, the signal you send is that the autodialer has gotten a live number and this may have a way to more robocalls.

5. Use a Cellphone app. Dealing with robocalls and spam texts to your cell phone has become a lot easier through different cell phone apps. One of them is the reverse phone lookup app. Still, you can get apps like PrivacyStar or Truecaller that will help you screen calls before picking them. You can also report any robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pressure the telecommunication companies to begin offering technology for blocking robocalls for free.

It has been proven that registering your phone number with the Do Not Call Registry is not enough. Even after doing so, those who have registered their numbers continue receiving robocalls as if they were not registered. That does not mean that there is nothing you can do to stop robocalls. Here are some of the ways you can use to stop robocalls once and for all. Embrace technology and work closely with your telecommunications service provider to establish what options you got in blocking unwanted calls from coming through to your phone. There are several apps that you can use to screen every call coming to your phone. If it is a caller you can identify with, pick. However, don't pick if you can't tell who is calling.

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