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How To Make Your Unplanned Moving Comfortable

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jan 31, 2018 1:46 PM

Leaving the comfort zone is always a struggle although can also be an ultimate need. Moving is the physical leaving of the comfort zone that is why it is so hard for many of us. Time flies, things change and so should you. Here you will find some advice on how to make it through a difficult moving and happily enter a new life and a new home.

Practical aspects of moving can somehow be facilitated either with the help of the professional movers or friends. The first is guaranteed with moving to Pasadena while friends are always here to help even without being asked for. However, sometimes moving is not desired and thus not planned in advance. Emotional instability and feeling of frustration add to all the practical inconveniences of moving fast and this is definitely something you want to avoid.

Tips to Help Through a Hard Move

  • Meet new neighbors in a fun way: if you want moving to become a real adventure instead of the depressing life stage, try to make it fun. If you have not painted the walls yet, invite your new neighbors to the graffiti party where you can paint the walls expressing the hidden artists' potential. They will definitely not forget this party and thus you.

  • Discover the local resources: ask your new neighbours to show you around and share the best breakfast cafes and nightlife places. If they stop by their friends on the way, do not be shy and make sure you meet as many new people as possible. Becoming part of the local community is the best way to find a handy man, a favorite babysitter in the neighborhood and get to know the general lay of the land.

  • Do not make rash decisions: whatever happened, try to concentrate and not throw everything that annoys you away. Be patient and selective, pack only the necessary stuff and make sure it does not contain any of the items which may cause you negative emotions.

Check List

However unexpected this moving can be, make sure to at least download the checklist of things to do before moving out. These lists save your time organizing and planning as they can simply be followed without any prior thinking. The to-dos of the moving check list can be as follows:

  • Sort

  • Hire movers

  • Order packing supplies

  • Start packing

  • Label everything

  • Keep an inventory

  • Clear out

  • Finish packing

  • Confirm the movers

  • Move and relax

Now, take some time to settle down and relax. Call off all the meeting and take some day-offs at work. Try to make your new house a comfortable and cozy place to live by decorating it. All in all, life gets better at some point, do not let the emotional fuzz destroy your moving experience even if it is not planned.

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