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How Meditation Can Transform Your Life

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jan 10, 2018 11:28 AM

Can meditation change your life? If you put in the time and effort, the answer's a definite yes. The more you practice, the easier mind-expansion, relaxation, and self-awareness become. Once you're proficient, how you behave and view life will change.

Expanded perception

Studies show plenty of advantages from regular meditation. Your mental health improves, along with your ability to perceive life with an open heart. Meditation develops perception. It lets you see the world differently. As you gain self-awareness, you understand others better. Your relationships improve, and you forgive yourself, and anyone you believe has harmed you.

Acceptance and appreciation

At the same time, you accept your foibles, errors, and miscalculations, knowing they are life's lessons. Indeed, the occurrences you used to dislike become your greatest teachers and friends. Your gratitude for the little wonders in everyday life increases, and you notice them more, actively seeking them at times.

Greater compassion and learning

Your mind attunes to recognizing pleasure, but when pain arises and can't be ignored, you learn, and your compassion grows. Since your heart and mind are positive, you rarely see problems. Instead, you perceive challenges. They are gifts you understand will aid self-growth and improve your existence. Sri Chinmoy once summarized the effect of meditation on our consciousness as follows: "In meditation, we will stay at a particular divine region where we can all the time feel the expansion of our consciousness."

Less negativity

You gain faith that life unfolds in unexpected ways to help you become a better person. The thoughtlessness of others no longer makes you angry, and unwanted emotions rarely occur. When you are frustrated momentarily, you exonerate yourself and excitedly unwrap the hidden message beneath your behavior. You know negative emotions reflect areas you need to work on to become your whole best self.

Better immunity and attitude to illness

Your immune system develops because you don't get so stressed, and the feel-bad chemical cortisol doesn't rampage through your body. As such, you fight off viruses and heal fast. Now and then, you might still fall ill, but you cope calmly, accepting you're learning what it's like to be unwell. You know by the end of your ordeal, you'll understand others who face disease better.

You acknowledge that illness, unwanted thoughts, and painful emotions aid expansion and perception. You have no enemies because even tough encounters with people or uncomfortable situations are learning aids.

Meditation can transform your life if you want. To get to the stage where you reap fantastic rewards, persevere, practicing every day and meditating in a way that suits you. You might find keeping a journal to track your progress helpful or join a meditation group to discuss experiences. If you choose to let your practice transform your life, your wish will come true.

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