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Tips to Help You Make a Successful Career Change

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Dec 15, 2017 12:37 AM

If you are looking to make a career change, you might be feeling overwhelmed. After all, it can be a big move and there are so many things to get right. Plus, there are a lot of decision to make as to what is the right company and role. But don't worry. If you use the right strategies and resources, you can find your dream career in no time. Here are tips to help you get the most out of your job hunt and successfully transition your career:

Get Confident

If you want to find the right job for you, it's important to keep your confidence up. Having low self-confidence will come across when you are interviewing and even in the way you communicate via email. Don't reinvent the wheel to boost your spirits. Look at your current diet and exercise habits. If you are lacking in one of these areas, a simple improvement could make a night and day difference in how your self-esteem is projected.

Inventory Your Skills

It can be easy to sell yourself short when you are looking to make a career change. There is so much competition for great positions that you might not feel you measure up. But don't fall into this trap. Take a look at what skills you already have. Often times, people take for granted the skills and experiences that they have spent time to accumulate.

Job Hunting Services

Using a professional service can be a great way to speed up your job hunt. It can also connect you with opportunities you hadn't heard about before. There are a lot of these services available. They range from general job boards to recruitment sites to forums on social media sites.

Get Motivated

Making a big change in your work life can be draining to think about. You might be getting tired of lining up interviews day and night. But don't let yourself get down. Focus on the big goals behind your desire to transition careers and keep them top of mind.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when changing their careers is to fail to prepare. Not only will you come across as less confident, you might also say things you regret when interviewing. Take some time to research your target company and come ready to ask great questions.

Education and Training

Education and ongoing training can be a big boost to your job search. If you lack key skills in your market, don't settle for being out of date. Get yourself some online or classroom training and impress your potential employers. That way, you'll stand out from the others looking to get hired for the same position as you are.

Clear Goals

If you don't know what your clearly defined outcome or goal is, it's impossible to know if you have found the right fit. Make sure that you are in alignment with the pursuit of the right career, not just the one that seems to be the most convenient at the time. That way, you'll have a fulfilling and long lasting career, not just a flash in the pan.


Many jobs are actually filled thanks to your personal network of friends and colleagues. This means you should tap your power base: friends, family, and current coworkers. You never know where the next lead might pop up. Of course, this isn't a license to ignore the other aspects of job hunting, but it helps to have options.

Evaluate Your Personality

Everyone has a unique personality. While this may change throughout your lifetime, you have a core set of beliefs and tendencies that make you great in your field. Identify these elements and leverage them to make sure you are happy and well paid in your new choice of career.

When it comes to making a career change, it isn't always easy. However, it doesn't need to be as difficult as you might have imagined. If you heed the advice above and put them into action, you can have the right job you've always wanted. But don't hesitate. Get started now so you can start earning the income and lifestyle you deserve.

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