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The Newest Apps for the Services You Need

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Dec 1, 2017 2:53 PM

We live in an age where just about everything you can imagine is available to us with simply the swipe of a page on a cell phone. Apps have changed the way that people order products and interact with each other, but perhaps the most revolutionary recent development in the world of apps is the ability to find and order whatever service you might need. Many new companies have sprung up in the past few years to fill the void in the market, giving you access to most everything you might need during the course of your day.

If you think that all you can order with your phone is a ride, you need to think again. The amount of service apps available is growing exponentially by the day and it does not show any signs of slowing down. While some of these apps cater to things so specific that not everyone will need them, there are some new ones, which hit a general area that will help many people in a pinch.

These apps also make an excellent compliment to companies like Bellhops, where you can order a moving service from their website, but their workers are able to accept those jobs from their app.

You Do Send Me Flowers

Nothing says that you are thinking of someone special with as much heart and tenderness as the gift of flowers. In the past, it was a pain to get to the flower shop to make this happen, and while online delivery sites were convenient, the freshness of the flowers was sometimes debatable. Luckily, many new apps aim to help you out with that. You can order flowers from the apps and fresh flowers will be delivered wherever you need them to go in minutes. It is perfect for those with a sentimental streak.

Man, I'm Hungry

It is kind of like the Wild, Wild West these days in terms of your food delivery options from specific apps. There are apps that are specific to each restaurant, but there are also aggregator-type apps that collect all the options available to you in a given area and let you make the order. In addition, there are services that will go pick up your food even if the restaurant in question does not normally deliver. Basically, you can find an app that suits your needs when you get a craving.

Let It, Snow

It is that time of year when Old Man Winter swoops in and wreaks havoc with snowstorms that block your cars in your driveway. There are now apps that are specifically suited to the task of snow removal, as well as ones that also offer yard work and leaf removal in addition to plowing.

These are just some of the daily tasks that apps cover these days. If you can think of a need, most likely there is an app for it if you just do some searching.

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