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The Best Cities For Christmas Markets In Europe

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Dec 17, 2017 3:14 PM

The Best Cities For Christmas Markets In Europe

Christmas is now hot on our tails, and most people are fully in the festive spirit. But, when you love Christmas so much, you often need a place to unleash your excitement - this is where the deservingly famous Christmas markets come in! In Europe in particular, there are some spectacular markets all offering something unique but equally festive. After all, Christmas does only fall once a year, so you'll want to make the most out of the festive fun before the decorations are put in the attic for another year and the mince pies are removed from supermarket shelves. So, pack your most festive jumper, complete your e111 card renewal and leave double the bag space ready for all those souvenirs that you'll be bringing home! Here are our top European Christmas market cities:


This European city certainly doesn't differ from the others in terms of electric, sparkling lights, but it certainly differs in atmosphere and community. One of the worst things about Christmas markets (there's a bad thing?!), is that some appear awfully commercial and feel as though they're purely there to flog their products. Luckily though, Copenhagen feels nothing but authentically festive, with a vastly impressive Christmas grotto and even Danish Christmas pixies, also known as nisser to the locals! With rollercoasters and ice rinks too, you can't go wrong with Copenhagen.


This Austrian city has been voted one of the best hubs for Christmas markets, and it's really not difficult to see why. Whilst the city is stunning at the best of times, nothing compares to its appearance during the holiday season, with Christmas market lights illuminating the entire city. For those of you wanting to visit the best of the best, we would recommend 'Vienna Magic of Advent', where the City Hall is transformed into a fairy-tale land, perfect for children young and old (and by old we mean right up until your 100's!). Plus, since winter is such a quintessential time of year for Vienna, the blankets of snow will top off the whole magical experience.


Hungarian culture is enchanting at all times of the year, but at Christmas time, it takes a completely different form completely. For the majority of people, Christmas is all about family and a loving community, and you'll definitely experience this at the Budapest Christmas markets. From traditional food to folk dances, you will never have felt so festive in your life. Whilst the Christmas markets here stay true to Hungarian authenticity, there are several modern twists too, with flash mobs and a monumental light show which will completely round off your Budapest Christmas market experience. Make sure you have your camera to hand, because these are some sights that you'll want to treasure forever.


More often than not, Christmas market travellers will have Brussels at the top of their list, and it's no surprise to see as to why. Every year, the markets seem to become even grander than before, which seems impossible when you see the breath-taking Christmas trees and sparkling lights that light up the faces of all who visit there. There is nothing that the Brussels Christmas markets miss, as from ice-skating rinks to a festive Christmas Parade; this Belgium city has it all. Nothing is more disappointing than visiting a Christmas market to find that it's over in 10 minutes, but this will never be the case at Brussels - it's a staggering 1.2 miles long, keeping you toasty and warm before you brave yourself for the toboggan slope!

The smell of currywurst sausages and mulled cider are just at the tip of our noses, but why let the aromas tease while you could be flying off to these European Christmas markets? Whether you're a solo traveller, or you're heading off with your loved ones, Christmas will never have seemed so magical, and you can give yourself a break from that God-forsaken gift wrapping (we believe in you!).

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