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How to Motivate Yourself to Do Great Things

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Dec 12, 2017 8:19 PM

If you want to get things done in a satisfying manner, become the master of your affairs. No matter your level of education/skills, you need the motivation to help push you towards achieving your goals. Life is filled with obstacles and varying forms of challenges and overcoming them require inspiration and optimism. And when setbacks strike, you need to keep your high spirits to overcome and keep driving your vision towards realisation. There are so many ways to keep you motivated to achieve remarkable things. While some of them could be personal others obey universal principles and in which case it can work for anyone.  

What Are Barriers To Self-Motivation?

Different businesses and personalities attract different obstacles that undermine the effort of their struggle. Harvard Business Review felt that some of the barriers to self-motivation are systemic with a number of them assuming a proportional impact.

1. Limiting Assumptions

A public speaker once said that there are no obstacles in life; the one we experience is the limitation we set in our minds. There is nothing as near-insurmountable as self-limiting beliefs. Everyone needs some kind of personal inspirational dosage every day to sustain oneself from the troubles of life. Decide that you will not entertain self-defeating assumptions so that you can live a worthy and positive life.

2. Nurture Your Goals with Confidence

Goals are essential for happiness. In fact, it is the livewire of every activity and success. It is also the pathway to the realization of one's vision. But, when goals are too distant or big without a specific guide in measurable terms and with deadlines, one risks failing to achieve one's goals. You mustn't forget too soon that the difference between realising your goals and failing is dearth or inadequate motivation. Therefore confidence is essential for success and achieving your dreams. There is no wrong in thinking big, but your goals must be specific, measurable, realistic and timely.  

3. Blame Game and I-Will-Do-It Syndrome

One of the bad aspects of human management is the failure to take responsibility and to blame others for your mistakes or the failure to take responsibility for the errors of those under your auspices. No matter the situation of your business, we have the option to choose how to respond. Whining erodes the confidence of those around you, saps energy and demoralises others. Decide to be responsible for your actions and errors of those under your auspices.

It's understandable that perfectionists would want things done their ways and most times, they are tempted to take the responsibility of their subordinates in a bid to do it right. Thus, they rob others of the opportunity to learn and get entangled in the "I-will-do-it syndrome." This results in devaluation of your subordinates, breeds resentment, and internal rancour. Proper delegation and mentoring are key to achieving great things. Leaders should be responsible for inspiring others with high esteem and support.

How Can You Motivate Yourself To Do Remarkable Things?

1. Mastery of Positivity

Mastery is the watchword. Life Coach & motivational speaker, David Michigan says that mastery of the art of positive mentality, discipline and motivation are the key ingredients for achieving great things in life. Remaining positive is a choice and this has to do with discipline to avoid procrastination which is a short-sighted management technique. Choose to remain happy despite all odds since findings have shown that happiness boosts positive mindset, success and productivity. Optimism is the key to achieving great things in all ramifications of human life.

2. Incentivise

Reward yourself once you have crossed the bar of a milestone. Incentivise yourself and those around you when you make a step in the positive direction. Once your goals are set, monitor your progress and celebrate as soon as you make headway. One of Harvard's studies suggests that nothing can be compared with progress in motivating people. So, tracking your progress is essential.  

3. Network

Your network determines your future success or how far you can go in realising your dreams. A study reveals a strong link between peer pressure and kids development and further showed a strong connection between your network and your success rate. If you are often associating with negative people, you will soon become part of their thinking system.

You need to surround yourself with people who know their worth and those who value their future and strive to make meaning out of it. If you want to achieve great things in life, study and surround yourself with those who have achieved great things or are making waves in their chosen endeavours.

4. Keep Distraction at Bay with Accountability

Limiting distraction can go a long way to help you achieve your dreams or vision of your life. Distractions could come from so many places which may include your mobile gadgets, friends, social media, or even networks if they do not belong to the category of achievers. Staying focused demands discipline and if you want to achieve great things in life, cultivates discipline. Distancing yourself from distraction makes you accountable. Being accountable is being responsible for everything around you including your mistakes and others.

Finally, do not engage in competition with people. The best competition you can engage in is with yourself. Be constructive in every aspect of your life including criticisms. Be humble, meek and seek the bright side of every situation. Be on guard against things that will drive you out of your line of vision.

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