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Five tips for Coming Back Strong After an Injury

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Dec 30, 2017 5:20 AM

If you are an athlete, getting an injury is normal. Once you decide to train hard, the wrong posture can result in an accident. The problem comes in when you get an injury and want to make a comeback. There are physical and psychological challenges you come across during this period. The question is how do you work your way back to the field? Follow these five tips for coming back strong after a severe injury:

You have to be compliant.

If you are an athlete and you need to be fit all the time, you have to push your body to the limits. Unfortunately, in the process, you get an injury. What you need to know is that your body does not function the way it used to. Therefore, you need to find out to what extent you can push your body. You have to remain compliant your with medications and treatments, even if your condition is improving. Complying with your treatment means that you select a workable plan and ensure that you stick to it. Another important thing you need to note is that you should not expect overnight results. It is a process that requires a lot of patience, but in the end, you will have the last laugh.

2. Take your time and be patient.

As much as committing to your rehabilitation and treatment plan is essential, you should never be tempted to rush the healing process. If you are a professional player recovering from an ACL surgery, you need to be out of the pitch for at least seven months. It may seem like forever to many players, but it is worth the wait. Most people fear that staying out of a competition for a long time makes it difficult to make a comeback. Having such thoughts is normal. Taking time to recover completely helps your psychology. The advantage of being patient during the recovery process is that you rebuild your body and confidence.

3. Control your stress levels.

During the comeback process, it is crucial that you manage your stress levels. Most professional players fall into depression when they learn that they cannot compete professionally. Coaches are advised to continue training with injured players so that they can be able to modify their skills. It is normal to feel down about an injury that puts you on the touchline for a few months but never allow these emotions to take over your life. Pay more attention to the small successes in life, since they will help you get back to your regular fitness. These little goals give you the confidence to go back to the pitch after a long break.

4. Understand what exactly happened.

How did your injury occur? Getting to know what caused your injury is necessary because you will be able to avoid further injuries in the future. Most players who have personal injury lawyers around can get compensation from the other parties in case of a severe injury. Knowing what went wrong will help you mentally.

5. Look for supervision

During this period, you need to work closely with your doctor. Make sure you get a qualified and reliable personal trainer who will correct you when you make any wrong moves. It is essential to have someone monitoring you so that you can avoid further injuries.


In reality, coming back from an injury is not an easy task. The first few days are the worst, but as time goes by, your body adjusts. Therefore, go for it. Make sure you celebrate every improvement in your body during this period. Do not forget to be proud that you are stronger than you were before.

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