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Ways To Improve Your House

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Nov 16, 2017 2:56 AM

Here are a few ways to improve your home and get the most value out of your home improvement dollar.

1. Upgrade the plumbing in the kitchen. Yes, upgrading your home's plumbing is a big job, but it's a very wise investment. Upgrading the sink and pipes and modernizing the kitchen will greatly add to the area's utility, as well as to its resale value. A kitchen upgrade can also include replacing cabinets, tiles, flooring, and appliances, but no matter how large or small, upgrading a kitchen will improve the feel of your home and add to its resale value. The smart move is to bring in a reputable plumber who can establish a plan that will work for your budget. Peter Graham from Wilco Plumbing says the key to a great kitchen or bathroom remodel is in planning carefully. Ultimately, during a remodel job you want to stay on budget and have a well-functioning kitchen or bathroom that offers consistent water flow and water temperatures, with no problems like rusty pipes or water leaks.

2. Replace Your Front Door. This might seem like a funny suggestion, but realtors often point to a great front door as a major selling point in a home, since it obviously makes a huge first impression on a potential buyer. Buying a nice front door (or refinishing an old one) isn't an expensive, an it can bring on a nice return on investment.

3. Paint the walls. It's amazing how much a fresh coat of paint in a well-chosen color can do for a home. Yes, choosing colors can be tricky, but most paint stores have plenty of low-cost samples to test on walls, plus plenty of paint chips for comparing accent colors on the walls at home. A fresh coat of paint can give a new designer feel to a home, and enliven the look of furnishings and carpet. All that, for just the cost of paint and labor. 

4. Brighten up a patio with new furniture and flower pots. It's amazing how much the look of a patio or deck area can be improved with the simple addition of new furniture and a well-designed container garden. A trip to a gardening outlet like Home Depot can do wonders, as these types of stores have lots of attractive furniture and terra cotta pots that can add a real style upgrade to an outdoor area.

Yes, the home is where the heart is, so it's worth upgrading the plumbing and amping up the overall look of your home with some smart home improvement projects. A well done home project can work wonders, and add a lot to the value of your home.

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