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Travel Bucket List Ideas: Things to Do Abroad

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Nov 18, 2017 6:29 PM

There are many different things to do in the world. While many people will be content to enjoy a leisurely stroll through a garden or see art in the world's leading art museums, others are always looking for their next extreme adventure. If you fall into the latter group, then make sure to add these things to do aboard to your travel bucket list.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

While people can go snowboarding in many different places around the world, very few offer volcano boarding. This adventure starts with an hour climb up Cerro Negro Volcano located near the town of Leon, Nicaragua. Then, after you reach the height of 2,388 feet, you plant your bottom on a thin piece of plywood to slide down the volcano in less than three minutes. The only control you have are your heels, so you must strategically place them to remain on the board and to be able to stop at the bottom.

Road Tripping in Denmark

While many people choose to go on a road trip in Denmark to see sights like the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, the Rabjerg Mile near Skagen and the Roskilde Cathedral on the Island of Zealand, others choose to travel by car to some of the world's most extreme sports destinations Including:

  • Skydiving in Copenhagen
  • Mountain biking in Silkeborg
  • Ziplining across Opal Lake near Bornholm
  • Windsurfing near Aarhus
  • Kite-surfing near Dragoer

The great news is that when you go road tripping in Denmark, you can do it all because of the country's small size. 

Cave Diving in Australia

While the amount of education that you must take to dive at Olwolgin Cave in Australia is amazing, the reward makes it all worthwhile. After squeezing your body in a wetsuit through a thin chimney, divers are rewarded with the sight of unusual limestone shapes located far below the earth's surface. This cave system that has not been totally mapped is over five miles long with huge rooms leaving you to wonder how the roof does not cave in along with tight cracks just large enough to get through after taking your side tank off. Adding to the extreme adventure, most divers camp onsite due to the remote location with temperatures climbing to over 100 degrees during the day and dropping to under 32 degrees at night.

Glacier Hiking in Iceland

The Falljökull Glacier is known as the falling glacier and it is one of the most extreme glacier walks in the world. This glacier is called the falling glacier because over hundreds of years it has slowly fallen into the Atlantic Ocean. Climb on the icefall while suspended by your arms to a guide rope. After completing a five-hour executing trek often up the sheer cliffs built of ice be rewarded with stunning views of other nearby glaciers and mountains.

Cliff Diving in Costa Rica

If you love extreme water sports, then consider a trip to Costa Rica. Near Jaco Beach, you can slide down a 33-foot-natural waterslide and swing out over one of the country's largest waterfalls. The highlight of the day, however, comes when you jump off a 75-foot cliff over a waterfall to land in the water's far below. 

While the world is full of bucket list adventures for adrenaline junkies, very few offer the great variety of Denmark. While the extremes may not be as earth shattering, the chance to do it all within a few days span makes it the most obvious choice.

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