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How to successfully prepare for a child

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Nov 22, 2017 2:15 PM

It can be daunting to prepare for a child especially if it is the first time. Preparing your home and working on your relationship with your family members, however, can go a long way in helping you be more settled. 

Deal with the fears and concerns

Fear is normal when venturing into the unknown. If you are expecting your first child or are adopting for the first time, it is okay to have feelings of uncertainty. Talk about these feelings, however, with your friends and family members and try to look for solutions together.

Take a class on parenting

A class will help you answer some of the questions that you might have. You don't need to spend sleepless nights wondering how a baby's umbilical cord is cleaned; enroll in a class at your local healthcare facility and learn. You can also invest time in online research to equip yourself with knowledge. 

Find a pediatrician

A pediatrician eases your anxieties by checking the baby's well-being immediately after birth as well as observing and tracking their milestones. Getting a pediatrician well in advance can help you choose one you feel comfortable with. A good doctor can make your parenting journey much easier by answering some of your routine questions without the need to go to a hospital.

Inform family members

A new child will change your home dynamic significantly, and it is therefore important to inform your family of the new addition well in advance. This will help them prepare psychologically for the changes and thus make adjustment easier once the child arrives.

Create space for the baby

Your baby will need a place to sleep regardless of how big or small your house is. They will also have clothes and other essentials that will need storage. Nevertheless, babies don't take up much space. It is a good idea to decorate the baby room and to stock it with playthings but keep in mind that babies are sensitive and only baby friendly products should be within the vicinity of him or her.

Buy the necessary items

There are some items that will be a must-have when your child comes home. You will need clothes, a car seat and feeding items among other things. Buy these before your baby is ready to come home. This will make your transition into parenthood easier.
Maintain a strong relationship with your partner

A new child stretches you and having a strong relationship will make it easy for you to offer them proper nurturing. Tending the baby can also be laborious, and it would be better if both partners agree to pitch in even before the baby arrives. Also, spend quality time with your partner to strengthen your bond as the amount of time you will have for yourself will reduce when the child arrives.

Plan your finances

Babies have an impact on your finances and time as well. Plan in advance how you will cater to the needs of the baby so that you are not overwhelmed when they arrive. It is also important to consider your career plans because having a baby might have to keep you away from your job for a while. 

Pack your bag

The last thing you want to do when in labor is trying to remember what goes into the hospital bag. Pack it well in advance and prepare your birth plan as well. This will help you handle your labor calmly and just focus on receiving your baby. 

Get ready for delivery

Exercise throughout your pregnancy to make to make your hip ligaments flexible. Also reduce stress and practice breathing exercises in preparation for labor. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight through healthy eating while keeping a positive mind. Have a good support system; from your partner to your midwife and if normal delivery fails, be open to a caesarian section; a healthy baby is the most important thing.

A new child is an amazing addition to the family. However, you must prepare for it. Do your research and consult people who have been there. The baby belongs to you, and its well-being will depend on the choices you make.

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