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Easy tips for selling your home

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Nov 22, 2017 3:09 PM

Selling your home can seem like a challenge. While you want to put it out on the market, you aim to achieve maximum profit from your sale. But, your home value will depend on some factors including the location, structural conditions and market rates. As a homeowner, you can implement these tips below when selling your house.

Focus on the Curb Appeal

Buyers will most definitely get the impression of your home from what they see first from the entrance. Before you can decide on selling your home, you ought to focus on improving your outdoor space. Visit a few houses and use what you see to evaluate the condition of your home. Ensure the gardens are neat and in the right form. All this together can help you drive more buyers your way.

Consider Repairs

While this may seem like a task, it could help you earn a better value for your house. Consider scheduling for an inspection to ascertain the condition of your home. On this note, you can easily classify your repairs and focus on the most visible ones. In most instances, homeowners repair structural elements such as walls, floors, and ceilings. Also, HVAC unit maintenance is necessary. It is advisable to run the inspection before inviting buyers since it may cost you later in the process.

Set an Appropriate Price

As much as you would want to make significant profit on your property, you may lose potential buyers by pricing your house too high. Consult your real estate agent when considering the price for your home. Although they get a percentage of your sale, they will save you time to sell your house. Also, they understand the market rates and charges and are in a position to guide you according to the state of your home.

Do Away With Clutter

Buyers consider spacious and organized homes. If your house is stuffed with old furniture, plenty of clothes in the closet, or a tone of tools in the garage, consider clearing the mess. You can utilize storage facilities to store items you don't use frequently. The aim is to ensure the house has less clutter lying around. 

Maintain Clean Standards

Just as the outdoors, your house's interior conditions can discourage a potential buyer. The house elements could be in a good state, but unkempt surfaces can discourage buyers. Once your house is in the market, buyers can start enquiring any time. Therefore, it is important to maintain high standards of cleanliness. Additionally, ensure it has attractive surfaces and catchy décor pieces to attract customers. 

Be Truthful About Your Property

You may find yourself using powerful descriptions of your home to land a deal. But, this can push buyers away if it doesn't meet the standards of what you have on paper. Be upfront with your real estate agent about any shortcomings of your house. It will save time for both parties and leave the buyer in a position to make a sound decision. Also, you should ensure your online presentations match up to what is on the ground.

Identify Your Home's Selling Factor

Every house comes with a different style and design. There is a reason why you settled for the house in the first place. You can walk around your home and determine what stands out from the rest of the property. It could be an outdoor living area, a classy staircase or a modern-design kitchen. Evaluate what buyers will love most about your home. 

Explore Sale Options

Once you are confident that your house is in the right state, get out of your way and market your home. You will still need your real estate agent, but you can explore online marketing options to help you get leads. You should have high-resolution photos, clear videos and well-written descriptions to pitch to the media and buyers online.

Preparing your home for sale doesn't have to dig deep into your pockets. Simple maintenance and care can go a long way. Having your house in suitable standards and with the help of your real estate agent, you can sell off your home easily and fast.

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