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The Most Common Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 16, 2017 2:34 PM

People seek the help of a psychic for various reasons. Most people hope that the psychic can help make the right decisions. Hence, they will visit one before taking a business trip, changing their career, and before starting or ending a relationship. Unfortunately, some of the psychics that advertise their services are out to make money. They have no powers to tell the future or advise the clients of upcoming misfortunes.

Fake psychics cannot protect their clients from bad decisions in any way. Instead, they use the information that the clients provide to make conclusions about their situation and then charge high prices. If you need help from a psychic, here are some of the common psychic scams that you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Cold reading or guessing

A guesser cannot tell you anything about your life based on your energies. The scam has no psychic abilities to bring your energies together for a reading. Instead, the person will tell you the things you want to hear based on your fears and desires. You communicate your greatest desires or fears during the consultation process. The psychic will then use that information and twist it to make you believe that he or she read it from your energies.

The best way to avoid fake psychics is to ask for a referral from a trusted friend or relative. Another way is to track everything the psychic says for several weeks. If nothing changes or adds up in a period of two months, move on and look for help elsewhere.

  1. Claims of demonic possession or curses

One of the common tricks that fake scams use is to convince their clients that they are demon possessed or cursed. If you visit such a psychic, he or she will tell that a demon or curse has been following you. The possession or curse is the cause of your misfortunes or the confusion in your life. The psychic will then give you a series of rituals that must be done to break the curse or drive out the demons. Most of them will insist that you buy some expensive herbs and totems.

The fake psychic will ask for a high upfront payment to start the cleansing process and ensure that the 'ritual' takes a long time. You will keep coming to the psychic to complete the process and pay for every visit. If you start talking to a psychic and they mention something about a curse or demonic possession, leave immediately. You are about to fall into a scam and lose your money.

  1. The old cursed egg trick

The cursed egg trick has been around for a while but many people still fall for it, especially those seeking help for the first time. The psychic uses a slight-of-hand trick to fool a desperate client. Psychics mostly apply the trick on the wealthy with the intention of stealing their wealth. The fake psychic will gather information about your financial, either directly or indirectly. He or she will then insist that your possession or wealth is your source of problems.

The psychics will make you feel guilt about your expensive lifestyle and then ask you to bring an egg in your next visit. They will then insist that you are cursed if any foreign materials are in it other than egg yolk. The psychic will use a slight of hand to drop something like red dye in the egg yolk after breaking the egg. He or she will insist that you bring your possessions like money, jewelry, or the most expensive possession to break the curse.

Run from any psychic that asks about wealth or tries to make you feel guilty about it. If you go for a reading and the psychic asks for an egg, do not show up for any other meeting. A real psychic should help you protect or increase your wealth and not lose it.

  1. Aggressive or emotional psychics

Here is another trick that many psychics use to fool their clients. A fake psychic may start screaming or yelling at you with the intention of intimidating you. Always bear in mind that a psychic that cannot control his or her emotions cannot help you control your own. Some of them will bring a family member along. The two will play with your emotions and rob you of your money without offering any help.

The trick to avoiding scams is to remain in control of the situation. You may need urgent answers but never show a psychic that you are desperate for help. If any of the signs discussed above show up in your visits, run before you lose more money to the scam. Wait until you get the right one or ask for referrals from a trusted source.

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