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How you can find a job with travel perks

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 11, 2017 3:31 AM

Whether you are looking to get into the job market or looking to get yourself a new job, there is very little doubt that there are a number of perks you should be looking at when you start going on the job hunt. If getting out of your comfort zone and maybe even seeing the world, you are going to want to get a job that has some travel perks. Some of these jobs might be ones you have heard of before, others might be ones you never really thought of when it came to looking at jobs that allow you to travel. Check out the list and see if you might find a fit.

Working for an airline
Yes, you've likely had the passing notion of working as an airline pilot when looking for jobs with travel perks. What you might have passed up is that pilots are not the only profession that will allow you to get some great travel perks. Flight attendants, mechanics, divisional managers, and engineers are all jobs that are going to get the ability to get, at the very least, discounted travel.

Quite a few of these jobs even offer the ability for your family to fly either free or at a severe discount. Airlines understand that one of the built-in perks of any job they offer is access to their product. These companies aren't going to just ignore that perk, they usually seize on it.

If you love kids and want to travel
What if you love kids but don't want to be bogged down with being stuck in one place. There are plenty of options in your home city, such as becoming a nanny, or a daycare provider. If you are looking for something a little more luxurious you could sign up to be an Au Pair. While these positions, which are a kind of nanny, are offered in the United States and your hometown, there is also a chance you could take an Au Pair position in another country.

Catch on with the right family and you'll be able to fly over to wherever they are located in order to help care for the host family's children. The bonus here is that usually when you take this kind of a job, you are going to be living with the family you work for. That means you don't have to go through the time consuming and costly process of looking for a home in a foreign land.

If you really get lucky, you might be able to find a family that likes to travel. Since you are one of the primary caregivers for this family, you will likely be able to travel with them and you won't be expected to be paying for your own plane ticket.

If science is your obsession
When most people think about becoming a scientist, they are likely thinking about the guy or girl who puts on a white lab coat and heads into a lab every morning. These particular kinds of scientists are not getting much travel (though you might be able to head to a conference now and then) but there are other science positions where traveling will be a regular part of your job.

Archaeologists are one kind of scientist that will be called to travel the world in order to further their study. You can globe trot from one historical site to another and then head to a conference in order to show off what you've found.

If earth science is more your speed, consider going after the position of a geo-scientist. In this job, you could have the opportunity to head to different parts of the world to examine various environments and the effect they have on the earth.

English teacher
No, when we say English teacher, we don't mean the kind that teaches Moby Dick to bored High School students. This is a true English teacher. Someone who teaches English as a second language to those who don't normally speak it. There are all kinds of different places in the world where you can be paid to travel and teach people to speak English.

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