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How to Write a Business Development Essay

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 23, 2017 4:56 AM

A business development essay is a common assignment that business students write. As a student studying this discipline, it is important for you to learn how to write one. Obviously, there are different topics to write about such as in marketing, finance and management among several others. Once you have selected what to write about, it is time to get started with the task. At the end of your writing, you need to submit an essay that is coherent, credible and perceptive. The most important considerations to make when writing a business essay has to do with content relevance and the use of opinions drawn from credible academic sources. The language used in writing your essay also counts.  Here is a standard procedure to apply when writing your business essay:

Understand the Essay Question

Begin with an in-depth research on the essay topic. Read extensively to draw all facts and information about what you have been asked to write about. Look at the essay demands by studying the keywords in the topic. Words such as "illustrate", "analyze", "discuss" and so on are very important when preparing to write your essay. Essays can be argumentative, informative, descriptive or any other format as would be provided. These aspects are very important if you want to excel in your writing. Study the key points and make sure you understand the relating issues to this matter before you can proceed with the writing.

Identify Reliable Sources to Use

The quality of your business essay will be determined by the type of material used in writing it. Go for the reputable business material sources available in your library or from the internet. Business journals and case studies from authoritative sources are great tools to help you prepare well for the assignment. Reading provides you with rich information to refer to in the course of writing your essay. It gives you many options and in the end, you will be able to deliver a high-quality essay backed up by great research. As you read, make sure that you highlight the most important points concerning the essay topic.

Prepare an Essay Outline

Plan your work prior to getting started. Have an outline of the things that you will cover in your essay. This should put together the main ideas and the arguments that will be logically presented in the body of your essay. More than that, your essay outline gets you organized and gives you the ability to write the essay in a coherent manner.  If you have issues with writing an essay outline, check out an essay service for more details. All you need to provide is the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. This procedure is also helpful in exploring the ideas exhaustively before you can write them down.

The Actual Writing

Once you are done with the first 3 steps, it is now time to start writing your business development essay. Essentially, an essay usually has 3 main sections: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Your introduction should talk about the essay topic at length. Come up with a thesis statement that states briefly what your essay is all about. Remember to state this at the end of the introductory paragraph. It is important to give your essay direction from the start.

The next section is the essay body section. Here, you will be expected to provide proof of the assertion you are making throughout the essay. Use business language when writing your essay. Terminologies used in business will make your essay more credible than when you have only used plain English language in passing your points across. Cite the sources used in writing your essay evenly throughout the section. This is a requirement for a professionally written essay.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is equally important as every other part of your essay. Here, you will be expected to re-state the thesis of your essay. Review what your essay was all about and provide a short excerpt of the same at this point. However, you should not introduce new facts in this section. What is required here is to lead the reader to the conclusion of the matter and why you consider that position for your essay based on the proof you have provided in the body section.

It is that simple. Writing a business development essay requires planning and any successful writer will tell you so. Choose your topic wisely and have a rich background of the things you will be writing about. Most important of all is being careful to use business language. This is a key distinguishing element of your essay from all other types of essays!

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