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How to Pick Your Important Kitchen Appliances

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 25, 2017 6:32 PM

How much do you think about your kitchen appliances? If you're honest with yourself, you probably don't spend too much of your time sitting around thinking about how much you love your fridge or dishwasher. To be more accurate, you probably think of these things negatively in passing with thought such as, "I really need to unload the dishwasher, but I don't love that job," or "I really need to find time to clean out the fridge," and that's about it. 

However, your kitchen appliances are more than just the bane of your existence in terms of dirty dishes, smells, and cooking yet another meal at the end of a long day. Your appliances are expensive investments that factor into many situations you rarely consider. Before you go out and buy just any old appliance, take a few moments to learn how to choose the right appliances and why it's so important to better your home.

Why are my appliances so important? 

There are many reasons, but the primary reason is they're an investment. You're spending thousands of dollars or more on these appliances, and they should be quality items designed to last. You should also ensure they're the kind of appliances that add value to your home in case you ever decide to sell. For example, you might find basic white appliances are just fine because they save you a lot of money, but a future buyer might see them as nothing more than an added expense on their part. 

They'll walk through your home and write off your kitchen as less than ideal, worried about how much they'll need to spend on new appliances if they buy your home. It's all about stainless steel appliances. They're long-lasting, high-end, and they're what buyers want in a home. They add value to your home. 

Choose Your Oven Style 

Are you the kind of person who spends ample time entertaining, hosting the holiday dinner parties, or you just have a big family? If you do, you might consider a double wall oven versus a single oven with a stovetop. If you simply want to add more elegance and appeal to your home, you'll go this route. Take time to consider your budget and what you need from your oven before you shop. It helps you make the most educated decision. 

Find the Right Range

Do you love to cook on a gas stove or do you prefer electric? Do you have a large family and often think that four cooktop areas simply aren't enough and six or eight would be much easier for your cooking habits? These are the questions you should ask before you shop for a range and stovetop. The budget matters, but how you plan on using this space matters most. 

The Fridge is Very Visible 

While functionality is the most important aspect of any fridge you choose for your kitchen, it's imperative you remember just how easily visible it is from virtually every kitchen angle. Do you really want a fridge that's not aesthetically pleasing? You need something that looks good, works well, and provides what you need. The most appreciated fridges are the side-by-side variety, though some people prefer the kind with a bottom drawer freezer and upper side-by-side fridge doors. 

The Dishwasher and Microwave

These aren't things everyone uses, and they often forget they are major appliances. They should be functional, sized appropriately for your kitchen, and they should fit your budget. It's also important to think about what it looks like. You can have your kitchen builder create a front to your dishwasher to match your cabinetry for more aesthetic appeal, and you can have your microwave hung on the wall below your cabinets for more appeal. Be careful choosing sizes. Sometimes bigger in the store isn't always better at home. 

Your house is the most important place you spend your time, and your kitchen is the most important room in your home. Your family spends more time here than any other room, and it's also one of the most important considerations when you sell. If your appliances aren't quite where they need to be, it's time to go shopping and choose something more aesthetically pleasing, more functional, and more stylish.

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