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5 Ways to Improve Your Company's Image

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 4, 2017 2:43 AM

Today's fast-paced world is characterized by cut-throat competition. Businesses are doing everything within their means to attract and retain customers. However, not all of them are flourishing in the market. In order for your company to remain truly competitive, you must work hard to set yourself apart. Startups and many established businesses have a difficult time figuring out what they can do to improve their own brand images. Read on to find out five simple ways to improve your company's image.

Create Valuable Content

The Internet is growing at unprecedented levels and savvy entrepreneurs rely on it to market their brands. They post their articles, images, videos, product descriptions, advertisements, and any other information regarding their brand on social media, magazines, websites, and blogs. They don't just post their content but have developed an epic content strategy that helps them to meet their business needs. They allocate a budget and adequate resources to content marketing and know their consumers and place them at the heart of their content strategy. With this strategy, you can connect with many of your customers and build a trusted relationship with them. And remember to create valuable, compelling content.

Be Active in the Community

When you are active on social media and create valuable content, you become a thought leader. While this can build your credibility and also help you to improve your brand image to a great extent, it is not enough. Move to the next step of helping the community with no strings attached. This will help you to both build a good relationship between you and the local community but also improve the internal culture of your organization. A well-planned community service will ultimately create a positive buzz and also an affinity from consumers.

Executive Access

Communicate your brand values through your company. To get an expert opinion on this topic, I reached out to online reputation management expert Stephen Van Delinder of Reputation Resolutions "Every employee, including C-level executives, is an extension of his or her company's brand image. C-level executives, in particular, need great exposure. They can get this by working with marketing departments to have their names and faces out as trusted industry leaders." You can use corporate blogs, accessibility to your organization's press, interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements to your own advantage. What' more, wherever you are quoted, white-papers should be produced. Constantly speak at industry conferences and also actively participating in industry round-tables and webcasts. When customers see you participating in their industry, this gives them more confidence in your company.

Understand that First Impressions Matter

Most people will always make snap decisions about your business based on their own first impressions. When they interact with your brand for the first time, the first few minutes of the interaction determine their next course of action. If they like what they see, they will investigate further. But if they don't, they will go to your competitors. While this may not be fair at all, that's life, and you cannot change it.

So to improve your brand, carefully review the touch points of all your potential customers to ensure they get "brand-appropriate" first impressions. Think of what impression they will take from your brand when they stop to connect with you on your social media sites, come to your office, stop by your trade show booth, or visit your website. If you don't recognize first impressions last and then take deliberate steps to ensure your investment is viable, it won't matter how much you have invested in your business.

Be Consistent

Just like it is appropriate to ensure your consumers get exposed to "brand-appropriate" first impressions, you need to be smartly consistent as well. Smart consistency enables your customers to know what to expect from the interactions they have with your business. Deliver brand-consistent experiences across sales, on your social media sites, in all your marketing endeavors, and through your other advertising programs. When you do this and your customers know what to expect, they will come to trust your brand. And once that is done, they are more likely to recommend your business to their colleagues, friends, and relatives, which will ultimately ensure your brand's continuity. This is critical to your overall long-term business success.

Your brand image will determine whether your company will remain competitive for many years, or it will soon close down. You can use these strategies to improve and maintain a good brand image and be better placed to achieve the success you are after.

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