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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Boss, Like a Boss

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 12, 2017 4:40 AM

The National Boss's Day on the 16th of October is a great opportunity to celebrate your boss for who they are to you. Gifts for your boss would be much welcome. However, don't just go for common gifts to give your boss. There are things to consider before doing so. In that case, do your research and see what works for them based on their tastes, preferences and age.  As a guide for you, here are some of the 10 great ways to celebrate your boss and make the occasion one to remember.

  1. Decorate the Boss's Office:  Let someone or a group of you sneak into the office of your boss and decorate it for the day. Balloons, streamers, candy jars on the desk could serve as a good surprise to start off the day.

  1. Writing a Note: A handwritten note would be very helpful too. Tell them how grateful you are about their leadership. This shows that you care and to perfectly do it, be very particular. Thank for something specific when he helped you out of something. You could also comment on a special part of his style of leadership that you consider effective. 

  1. A Surprise Party: Throw a surprise party for your boss in the company of your colleagues. Let the administrators plan a meeting in the conference room for your boss. This should particularly be done for the last hour of office.  Let the party begin from that point. Play his favorite music and have everyone wear bandanas that stick out of their back pockets chanting, "Our Boss was born to run this Team". Organizing birthday party cocktails for your boss can also be helpful! 

  1. Support their Hobbies: Personalizing your gifts is a good sign of showing interest in what your boss does. In that case, give them something that matches their hobbies. If they like hiking, you can buy a book detailing the best trails throughout the country. A yoga mat would also be good if they are dedicated to yoga. In case you are not sure of what your boss does outside office work, just get something that they will use on their day-to-day job activities.   

  1. If your boss is not the CEO of your organization, send an email to his senior. The email should highlight how useful your boss is to you and the company at large. 

  1. Buy Tickets to attend an Event:  Organize that each employee chips in to help in buying tickets for your boss to attend an event you are certain they will enjoy. It could be for a sports game, movie theatre and so on. The gift of offering an experience goes a long way. 

  1. Donate something to on their behalf!  Establish a cause that your boss is passionate about and offer to make a donation on their behalf. This means that you are keen on what is important to your boss. This gives you the chance to assist others, which definitely is a good feeling for everyone. 

  1. Send a Gift Card: Gift cards work magic just as food would. Consider finding something that is somewhat personal instead of getting one from the supermarket. You can go for a gift certificate from a restaurant that your boss has always wanted to go. This is something that they will use and it will show that you are attentive on what they like. 

  1. Sharing a meal:  Food is a good way to celebrate your boss. You can organize that each employee comes with a potluck lunch. Consider bringing donuts for their breakfast or bake cookies. Another option would be taking the boss out for a dinner at the end of the day. Taking tasty meals with the rest of the team is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and most importantly, your boss will feel appreciated. 

  1. Bring Life through the occasion: You may not buy your boss a puppy but consider getting a living thing for their workspace. For instance, buying a succulent, a small desk plant or a miniature terrarium would be a perfect thing to do. This provides him with something to behold and take care of though with minimal effort. 

Celebrating your boss should not be an exercise to wear you out. Make it simple but quite an experience that shows that your boss is a great asset to you! Let your actions be personal to your boss and appreciate them for who they are. To get the best of the day, work as a group in order to share some information that will help in knowing your boss more instead of doing it alone.

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