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10 Gifts to Keep Kids Active

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Oct 17, 2017 7:00 AM

You want your kids to be active instead of remaining cooped up inside playing with more toys that don't do anything for their physical needs. Sports are a good way to keep your kids active but they are seasonal. When not involved in seasonal sports, kids still need something to keep them active. There are plenty of toys you can get them that will be lots of fun for them. You want toys for all ages and skill levels. This should give you some good ideas.

Spooner Freestyle Board

Here is something straight from the show Shark Tank. The Freestyle Spooner Board is a curved board made from hard plastic. It is designed to resemble a skateboard but with a big twist. It is perfect for play and exercise for both kids and adults. Different styles of the board are available to order through the main Spooner website. Any skater or even surfer would love this board to practice new tricks or even help stay in shape. Check out the informative videos on the Spooner website for more information.

Smart Balance Bike

Here is one for younger kids, around toddler age. Before your child is big enough or have the motor skills to ride a pedal bike, this Smart Balance Bike helps little ones learn how to balance and develop the skills they need for the big kid bikes. It is also a great alternative to training wheels, and they're lots of fun.

ABC's of Yoga

Many people know the health benefits of yoga. Anyone can do it, at any age. The ABC's of Yoga is a series of books designed to help them learn how to do yoga and keep in shape. It is recommended for kids from 2 to 14 years of age.

Roller Skates

The classics are the best. There hasn't been many changes in roller skates since their invention. They've gone from strap on metal wheels with skate keys, to four wheel shoe like skates, to roller blades. Not much has had to improve on such a classic, and for good reason. Roller skates of all types will be great for kids of all ages.

Razor Scooters

Another classic is the scooter. The razor kick scooter is a sleek improvement of the classic and great for active toddlers, kids, teens and even adults. It glides, moves fast, and folds up for storing. There are different types for different styles of riding and different skills.

Fold n Go Trampoline

Speaking of classics you can't really go wrong with a trampoline. If you don't want to spring for a large yard trampoline then try this alternative. The Fold n Go Trampoline is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and it can easily be stored when not in use.


If you are looking for something unique for your kids then the EzyRoller is just the toy. It is like a scooter that you sit to ride. Much better than a bike, more awesome than a scooter. It will have your kids zooming down the sidewalk.

Super Spinner

Kids love swings. They also love spinning. The Super Spinner swing is the ultimate combination of the two. It's not only lots of fun to ride, a great way to get dizzy, it can also be a workout to ride one of them. Kids will love this in the backyard.

Pogo Stick

Another classic that can't go wrong is the Pogo Stick. It has been around for ages and kids of all ages will love them. Your kid will burn a lot of energy and have a blast jumping on a pogo stick.

Dirt Bikes

Every kid loves a good bike. Then there are kids that would love riding dirt bikes. There are many different types of bikes for different ages and skill sets. Getting your kid one of these just might provide the outdoor adventure that they crave.

All of these gift ideas will work wonders to keep your kids active and happy. Whether they are playing indoors or outdoors either one of these choices will be the best gift they could ever receive.

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