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Ways To Show Someone You Care For Them

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Sep 3, 2017 6:16 PM

We all need love and caring in our lives. If you're looking for ways to show someone you care, you've come to the right place. Here are some ways to show someone you care about them.

1. Do Enjoyable Activities
Everyone has certain things they like doing. To show someone you care about them, spend some time doing the activities they enjoy, whether that's listening to music, going to a sporting event or traveling to a nearby town for a festival.

2. Send Flowers
Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers is sure to brighten a person's day and help them feel loved. You can easily order flowers online or over the phone and have them delivered various places, even spots that are far away from where you are. So this is an especially great option if you want to show someone you care but don't live near them. It's also a wonderful option if you live near someone too. 

3. Spend Time Together
When someone needs some extra care and attention, spending time together is a perfect way to help out in a simple, inexpensive way. You could spend time doing something like taking a walk or even just having a pleasant, uplifting conversation. Whether a conversation is over the phone or in person, make sure to include plenty of positive and encouraging words. Also make sure to provide a listening ear. A quick and convenient way to stay in touch is through text and email. Send the other person a message, even a simple one to say "I'm thinking of you." Everyone loves receiving a message like that.

4. Send Cards
A greeting card is a simple and inexpensive yet meaningful and much-appreciated way to show someone you care. Cards are great for any special occasion or even "just because."

5. Give Hugs
As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. Hugs are tender signs of affection that cost nothing yet give so much. They're a great way to show someone in your life how much you care about them. You can try other types of physical affection to show someone you care. This includes a pat on the shoulder, holding someone's hand or giving a massage.

6. Help Out in Some Way
Pitching in and doing something helpful for someone can be a great way to show you care. For example, a family member might need help with cooking, laundry, cleaning or yard work. You might even have a special skill like sewing that you can put into action to help others. Contributing in practical ways like this is something everyone appreciates that makes them feel loved.

7. Share What You Have
It means so much to people when someone shares of what they have. To show someone how much you care, you could share some vegetables you've grown in your garden, homemade soap, extra food that you accumulated when you bulk shopped or hand-me-down clothes. The possibilities are endless.

8. Enjoy a Meal
Having a meal together can be an intimate experience that makes bonds between people tighter. When you want to show someone you care, it's wonderful to take them to a restaurant for a meal or cook dinner for them at your house. If you don't go to a restaurant, try doing something unique like having picnic outside on a nice day or cooking the other person's favorite foods.

9. Ask What You Can Do
This might sound obvious, but you can show you care by asking the other person what would make them feel loved. Ask them what you can do to show you care. Everyone has different needs and preferences, and this helps you pinpoint exactly what you can do to help.

10. Send Inspirational Messages
Sending inspirational messages can truly warm someone's heart and brighten their day. For example, is a great place to get inspirational messages that show your uncle how much you care. 

Relationships are essential to life, and it's wonderful that people have one another to assist in going through the ups and downs. Try out some or all of these ways to show someone you care, and see how your relationships grow and strengthen as a result.

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