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Vietnam Travel Guide

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Sep 20, 2017 1:53 PM

Vietnam doesn't get enough credit for what it has to offer. Its rough history with the United States and a variety of other factors often cause tourists to shy away from this country. However, Vietnam is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. Its unique culture, beautiful scenery, and endless adventures offer a vacation that is slightly outside the norm, attracting tourists who really want to see it all. 

1. Hotels and Hostels
Room accommodations in Vietnam are a little different than other commonly visited countries. Private hotel rooms can be expensive, but there are plenty of budget-friendly options available for the financially savvy traveler. A large majority of hostels provide free beer and breakfast during certain times and many provide free WI-FI. 

Hostels average around 100,000 VND a night and hotels can range anywhere from 225,000-425,000 VND per night. 

2. Transportation 
While bus travel is one of the more common ways of travel in Vietnam, you can also choose to travel by train or airplane. Busses connect to various cities throughout the country, making travel easy and inexpensive. An average ride will cost approximately 4,000 VND. The train is a fast way to travel, costing around 750,000 VND to travel 791km from Da Nang to Hanoi while airplanes offer the fastest travel mode for around 400,000 VND per ride. Motorbikes are also very popular here, and approximately 37 million Vietnamese people own them. 

3. Food 
Vietnamese food is popular around the world, but tasting it in its home country is an experience not many people get to enjoy. Traditional Vietnamese food consists of rice or pho, but there are Western foods available as well. While these are more expensive than Vietnamese food, the overall price for eating out is extremely inexpensive. Eating out ranges between 45,000 VND and 95,000 VND while purchasing a week's supply of groceries will cost approximately 400,000 VND. 

4. Activities 
There are an endless amount of activities and scenery to check out in Vietnam. Excursions through the famous Cu Chi Tunnels are popular, detailing the extreme circumstances and terrors that came with the Vietnamese war. Carvings found in the Pagodas are one of the most interesting and beautiful features here and the Cuc Phuong National Park is home to over 2,000 tree species and other interesting wildlife. 

Sapa is one of the most traveled areas, with sprawling mountains, hiking trails, and hill tribes. For tourists who want to take in all of the beauty that Vietnam has to offer, Sapa is definitely the place to be. Stop in Hoi An, visit historic buildings and cafes, and take a break from hiking and backpacking in the country. 

5. Saving Money 
The average tourist spends approximately $2,916 dollars on their trip to Vietnam, and this includes airfare. For this reason, you may have more money to spend but you should still be aware of a few things. 

Bargaining is common in Vietnam, so make sure you brush up on your skills before you go. Tourists are often targets for merchandisers jacking up their prices, so be prepared to walk away if your bargaining isn't getting you very far. It's also wise to talk to the employees at your hotel or hostels to see how much the going rate is for the items you want to make sure you aren't getting ripped off or attempting to bargain too low. 

As far as traveling goes, late night travel and tourists buses offer the best rates in the area. Well-traveled tourists know that the overnight buses are not only inexpensive, but they save on overnight lodging as well. Many overnight busses offer beds to sleep in while traveling to your next destination. 

6. Visas 
As with any country, make sure you get a Visa if you plan on staying for a while and always keep your passport on you. Applying for a Visa is quick and easy, providing you have the proper documentation. If you plan on staying in Vietnam longer than 15 days, a Visa is required. 

Between January 2017 and August 2017, around 2.4 million people flocked to Vietnam to experience the beauty and culture offered by this spectacular country. If Vietnam is in your future, make sure to keep these traveling tips in mind as you travel the country.

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