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Quick & Savvy Tips for Maintaining a Cleaner Home

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Sep 20, 2017 2:52 AM
Maintaining a clean home doesn't take rocket science. However, it does take a few time-saving strategies and habits to keep your space looking tidy. Fortunately, none of these tips or strategies are extremely time-consuming. In fact, they are designed to reduce the amount of time you spend toiling away at your house cleaning duties.

Do At Least One Load of Laundry Daily
If you can commit to doing just one load of laundry a day, you will prevent the huge pileup that occurs when you go days without doing the wash. Start a load at the beginning of the day and complete it, from start to finish.

Don't Neglect the Smallest Room in the House
Bathrooms are heavily used little rooms. It's not uncommon for us to forget to show them a little love too. Beware of shower curtains that haven't been cleaned in ages and bath mats that are growing black fur around the suction cups. These are all unsanitary conditions that can make your bathroom an unhealthy place. Do more than clean your toilet bowl, sink, and countertops. Clean the bath mats and shower curtains at least once a month, as well. They can harbor tons of bacteria and mold that can make your bathroom unhealthy for your family.

Unload the Dishwasher Before Breakfast
This is a huge time-saving strategy. If you clear out the dishwasher before you cook, dirty dishes can be loaded immediately after you eat. You can even load as you go. This saves you from having a huge pile of dirty dishes waiting for you at the end of a meal. 

Take Your Shoes Off at the Door
We walk everywhere in our shoes, picking up tons of dirt, bacteria, and debris. As a result, they are quite dirty. Take your shoes off at the door to avoid tracking all the dirt from outside inside of the house. It will keep your floors much cleaner.

Get Rid of Junk Mail
Handle all your mail once, particularly junk mail. Throw it out right away. Paper adds unnecessary clutter to your home. Consider keeping a bin near the front door expressly for junk mail. In fact, if you really want to avoid this type of mail, you can contact Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) FREE Mail Preference Service (MPS) and be taken off the list. 

Create a Place for Paper Items
Create a drawer or a bin for paper items like coupons and restaurant menus. This will clear off your countertops and make it much easier to find anything that you're looking for.

Wipe Your Countertops
Before you leave the kitchen or the bathroom, make it a practice wipe your countertops. Don't leave crumbs on the kitchen counter or water all over the sink and counter from brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Clean it up. This will keep your house looking cleaner. It will also make it much easier to cook and use your bathroom without having to clean up or wipe things down before you use them.

Make Your Bed
The bed takes up a lot of space in most people's bedrooms. In fact, it's safe to say that it's a focal point. One way to make your room look instantly clean and presentable is to make your bed once you get out of it. Even if you do nothing more than just pull the comforter over your pillows you've made a huge impact on the appearance of your room.

Clean as You Go
While you're cooking, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by cleaning pots and pans and other dishes after you finish using them. The best part is that it doesn't take a lot of work to clean a dish or pot every now and again. However, wait until your entire meal is cooked and everyone has eaten, and you will have a mountain of dishes to clean and not a lot of energy after a full meal. Make it easy on yourself. Clean as you go.

Make it a Habit to Donate Unused Items Regularly
Donate items that aren't being used or worn to any charity of your choice. It gives you a chance to clear out the clutter created by unused items laying around your home and it gives these items a second chance to be useful to someone else as well.

A little tidying up here and a wipe down there, and you're on your way to a clean house that doesn't require back-breaking work to maintain. Do your due diligence and commit to a few savvy tasks daily and you'll be coming home to a clean house in no time.
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