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5 easy ways to improve your content

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Sep 29, 2017 5:06 AM

The content on your website is essentially your online shop front to clients. It tells them who you are, what you do and can be an indicator of your standards of professionalism. As such, if you want to give your visitors the best impression then it is important to make sure it is top notch. You don't have to be William Shakespeare but you do need to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. Here are a few easy ways you can easily improve your content fast.

1. Check the spelling and grammar

Good spelling and grammar are like making sure your tie is straight and your shoes as shined for a meeting. It gives a good impression and tells your visitors that you have good attention to detail. Poor grammar and spelling does not reflect well on your brand and could turn potential clients and customers off. If spelling and grammar aren't your strong points then try using an online grammar checker.

2. Keep it simple

Studies show that most people surfing the internet skim read. As such it is a good idea to write content that is succinct and gets to the point. Long drawn out sentences will put visitors off and could even bore them? If you find it difficult to edit your own work then it is worth hiring a professional editor to help you out. It is cheaper than paying someone to write all your copy from scratch, but it will ensure that your content is up to scratch.

3. Make sure your content is helpful

Your website visitors will be looking for answers, information or help with a problem. Decide what you the purpose of your content are and stick to the topic. Think about what they would want to know and stick to that. If you are using your website to promote a service or product avoid overselling. They are more likely to do business with you if they feel like you have helped them.

4. Consider your layout

A page that is well laid out is easier to read than massive chunks of text. Separate paragraphs using subheadings and help them stand out by using bold lettering, numbers or both.

5. Find your voice

All audible voices are unique and some are so unique they are instantly recognizable. The best writers allow their personality and style to shine through their work. Content that has personality is more interesting to read and more expressive. One way to do this is to pretend you are telling a friend about the subject you are writing about, and then edit it so it sounds professional. Content that is written in a sincere and genuine way sounds like it was produced by a real person. It is often easier to understand then overly formal and dry work, which while accurate, could come across as boring and soulless. If in doubt read it out loud to friends and family. Ask them what they think and whether they understand what you are trying to say. It can take a while to find your voice but when you do, your writing will flow better and it will be easier for you to express yourself.

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