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Tips For Making Your Home the Most Inviting Yet

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Aug 20, 2017 3:59 PM

There is a reason people use the phrase "Home is where the heart is". Our home is our refuge from the world, and a gathering place for friends and family. We love to have our homes put together and comfortable, but what would make them even more inviting and welcoming? Here are a few tips to make your home even more inviting and wonderful. 

1. Get a humidifier. 
A humidifier helps with the dryness that is brought about by forced air, whether it is through the air conditioning or the heater. Especially in cold weather when our heaters are running non-stop, it is important to get some humidity back in the air. There are a few different types of humidifiers you can choose from, and each one will benefit your home in various ways. 

2. Evaluate your color scheme
Harsh colors, or lack thereof, can make for a very cold and unwelcoming home. Choosing the right color scheme for your home is important, but it should also depend on your personality type. Warm colors, such as dark reds, tans, and beiges, are great for those who want a traditional warm and cozy house, but cool colors, taupes, grays, and blue shades, can also make your home inviting. 

3. Candles and oils
One of the unique human senses is our ability to smell. Choosing the right types of candles, oils, or waxes, is important to help give your home a sense of warmth, comfort, and welcoming. While some of us may be soothed by citrus scents, others tend to find solstice in vanilla, lavender, or more natural smells. Choosing your candles wisely is key to making sure you create a welcoming and calm environment. 

4. Music
Keeping some type of background noise in the home is a common routine for many of us, but sometimes that ends up being the television. Try turning the TV off and turning on some music. Whether you are in the mood for something more upbeat or prefer deep meditation music to create a calm environment, anything is better than the sound of nothingness or that annoying commercial playing over and over. 

5. Comfort food or drink
It is easy to reach for pre packaged cookies or soda, but an even more inviting option would be home baked cookies or freshly brewed tea. Choosing a beautiful serving platter or drink dispenser can add to your home and make it even more inviting. For a healthier option, try a platter of dried fruit or granola. 

6. Open the windows
This is such an easy tip, but one of the most effective ones yet. If the weather permits, open up your windows or door (if you have a screen door to block out the bugs). By doing this, you get a fresh breeze to calm the senses and the added light helps to filter out the dry air inside the home. Having the air constantly circulating throughout your house helps the sun to filter out dirty air as well. 

7. Blankets and textiles
Creating a cozy and inviting home is easy with the right textiles. Throw pillows and afghans help to provide warmth for when it gets cool, but also makes your home appear more calm and soothing. Choosing a soft blanket or pillow, or a combination of both, can instantly take a cold and unwelcoming home and make it a retreat. 

These are just seven ways you can make your home a little more inviting. From humidifiers to help add some moisture to your home to a delicious candle to burn, creating a welcoming and inviting home has never been easier.

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