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Technology trends that will dominate 2018

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Aug 22, 2017 12:36 PM

Just how smart will your office be in 2018? With innovation taking immense leaps in technology, there are major trends in tech we expect to see in 2018. If you are starting a business, consider the use of these technology trends to enhance your start-up. For entrepreneurs, think about leveraging these technologies to reach your audience in various new ways.

1. Cars Get Smart

Advances in car technology expect to take a new shape in 2017, from driverless cars to a battery-powered transport system. However, these inventions will be put to the test in 2018 as they move into the consumer sphere. Internet connectivity will be a major theme with these cars, to bridge the gap between current vehicles and the next generation of connected and comfortable cars. The estimated services of the connected cars are expected to amass up to $150 billion in revenue by the end of 2018. By 2018, 1/5 cars will be connected to the internet. Car manufacturers, as a rule, do not produce networking services; therefore, they will rely on outstanding expertise and specialized suppliers.

2. Stepping Up Security

While new cars will work on increased comfort, other areas of life will gain a focus on technology and security. Whether it's airport security, house alarm systems, or shopping safely online, we are all daily consumers of safety solutions. 30 percent of the world's population will require massive security infrastructure investments by 2018. The demand for safety systems in the world grows by over 6.9 percent every year; in 2018, the demand will rise to $127 billion. On the other hand, IT spending will come closer to $80 billion, which is driven by increased globalization as well as rapid technological innovation.

3. Roll out the Robots

In the modern workforce, the role of automation is still an ongoing discussion, and it has received continued investment and research. In 2018, we expect the automation industry to grow by 15 percent, with the United States the serving as the major market for its growth. There are three main development drivers, which include warehouse automation, automation for the world at large, and growth of the shale and energy industries. Additionally, the dynamism of consumer trends changes it all. Automation has been utilized in e-commerce as a tool used to achieve greater scales of economy. Higher automation combined with its growth rate creates a potential combined growth with the automation equipment suppliers.

4. Smart Home Tech and the IoT

We've all heard about the incoming technology of the internet of things (IoT) and the resultant smart home technologies that will interconnect everything in the home. This is something that has been hyped up and predicted for years, so what exactly is holding us back? Why aren't we all living in these interconnected homes yet? Part of the problem is too much competition in the market, and not enough collaboration to create a reasonable, effective smart home design. There are many applications and individual appliances in the industry already, with few solutions that tie them to a unified experience. Now that big companies know how to use these experiences, we will see significant advancements in this area throughout the coming years.

5. Physical-Digital Integration

Our daily lives have slowly been connected through the use of mobile technology. During this era, everyone with a smartphone has access to the seamless information running through numerous social media platforms as well as the internet. People also know that they can purchase products online (such as on Amazon) that can be delivered right to their doorstep without going to the retailers physically. However, the next level of advancement we expect to see in 2018 will be the interaction between digital and physical realities. More digital features will be exhibited by physical brands like product trails and store maps.

In the end, big data and its ideas will be humanized. The large amounts of data gathered over the past few years can help companies market better and thrive for customers. Big data has been a hot topic recently; its strengths, numerical foundation, and quantities will be turned from weaknesses into strengths. We expect to see big data humanized in 2018.

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