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How to travel in style

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Aug 10, 2017 3:35 PM

How to travel in style


It's hard to find any experience more exciting than travel. Wandering unexplored streets, discovering an unknown culture and making new friends can create memories that last a lifetime. But how you travel makes a difference to your trip. Finding the right clothes, hotel and transport can make the difference between travel misery and comfort. Travel style is not just about looking sharp, though it's that too! It's also about making the most of your trip. Here are a few tips to help you look fabulous and stay ready for anything.

Invest in Luggage

Besides saying a lot about your style, luggage protects your clothes and valuable possessions. Spend money on a superior quality suitcase or carry-on. Accidents are common when travelling, and you need to make sure that neither wine spills nor torrential rains ruin your wardrobe, so pick a waterproof shell. And choose luggage that simplifies packing: Organization is key, particularly on longer trips, so select a suitcase with plenty of compartments and pockets.


For those who have sensitive skin or wear makeup, beauty wipes are must-haves for keeping the face clean and fresh. You can't be sure of access to a bathroom every time you need to remove makeup or freshen up. Wipes allow you to stay fresh and comfortable when you are out sightseeing all day. Antiseptic wipes are also an excellent idea for cleaning your hands when you can't access water.

Dry Shampoo

Stay looking sharp while traveling by keeping a small bottle of dry shampoo in your case. Whether it's a business or vacation trip, you may not get enough time between activities to shower or wash your hair. Dry shampoo is a perfect alternative for both men and women who want to maintain good-looking manes. Find the best brands for your hair type, and you won't have to fret over dirty locks during your trip.

Buy A Water Bottle

Want to look fresh and well-rested even after a long flight? It's crucial to hydrate properly. Purchase a big water bottle before you begin the journey and make sure to drink during the flight. Keep it filled and save yourself the hassle of finding water as you travel. It will help you stay hydrated on sightseeing daytrips too.

Emergency Kit

Regardless of the nature of your trip, packing a small emergency box is essential. Include basics like pain medications, tweezers, bandaids and antiseptic. A flashlight with extra batteries is a great idea, as is a penknife, particularly if your trip involves adventures in the wild. Be ready to handle small emergency situations on your own.

In-flight Entertainment

Style is also knowing how to stay amused and cheery during your journey. A good read can make an eight-hour flight tolerable. Paperbacks are great when traveling to areas with strict restrictions on electronic use or few plugs. Alternatively, downloading e-books to your handheld device means you can pack a library without having to lift a library. Podcasts, TV shows and music are also great ways to stay amused on a flight.

Luxury Charter Services


For a personalized trip that increases convenience and comfort, a reputable air charter service is a wise investment. While you may not be able to stretch to the same jets our heads of state use, you can enjoy privacy and luxury in a private jet. Take the time to research the best charter companies in the locations you will be visiting. These services are especially useful when coordinating business travel. You can have an agent recommend suitable options that match your travel requirements.

Fashionable Dress



Whether it's a business meeting in Tokyo, dinner in London, or a wine tasting in Bordeaux choose the best outfit for the occasion. Dressing stylishly is not only about the latest fashion trends; even more important is comfort in the climate and culture, and expressing your own style and personality. Every time you leave the hotel lobby, you should feel comfortable and chic in your outfit. A little tip: A black, navy or charcoal blazer will save trouble when looking to match different outfits. When packing a capsule wardrobe, picking a single adaptable color - such as black, tan or navy - for shoes, your handbag or suitcase, and luggage - will help you look elegant with zero effort. For travel in cold regions, carry a single coat that matches all your outfits.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Sometimes, you need to catch a quiet nap on the flight, but a snoring neighbour or angry toddler can make that tricky. Get quality noise-cancelling headphones to create peace wherever you are.

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